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[PET] Making a cat cat tower, how and why?


Humans live in a horizontal world, but cats live in a vertical world. In other words, cats can move up and down to feel relaxed, relaxed and enjoyable. If your cat is on a refrigerator, air conditioner or shelf, this is because the cat wants to stay in the highest place in the house.

What you need to do in this case is Cat Cat or Cat Cat. The catwalk has a space where cats can sit or enter at various heights. It is because the cats do not have to fight to get each other high place. So if you buy a catwalk, you can keep peace in your home.

Catcats help cat cat. The cat can climb on the catwalk and look around the house in a safe place. You can easily see what is happening around you. Cats with cattle can help because frightened cats tend to hide underneath the bed or in the narrow corners of the back of the furniture. Also, since cats are not shared with people, cats can recognize this as their own special place.

When buying a catwalk, you should consider height, ruggedness and comfort. When the cat leaps from the floor to the highest place and the catwalk shakes, the cat feels insecure and will not try to use the catwalk. So choose a sturdy catwalk. The appearance and personality of the cat should also be considered. A hammock or cave on a catwalk should be sized to fit the size of the cat. If the cat likes to play, put various toys on the catwalk.

The catwalk is placed in a sunny window and allows the cat to see both inside and outside the house at the same time. Also, when family members spend most of their time in the living room and spend time with the cat with cattowels, the bond between them deepens.

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