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I am suddenly embarrassed if my chest is pounded and painful. ▲ Source:

Suddenly the left chest is filled with heart throbbing or heart throbbing, and you feel instantly afraid. Particularly, there are cases where a young person thinks that these symptoms are 'heart is running fast' but they think that there will be no abnormality.

The left chest pain can be a serious disease, so you need to be careful. Source: Pixar Bay

This left chest pain is generally difficult to catch one cause. There can be many complex causes. However, it is important to identify the cause and treat it early because it may be dangerous if it is thought of as a simple symptom and left untreated. Let's take a closer look at the causes of left chest pain.

Unbearable left chest pain, reason varies

Heart disease is one of the most easily suspected cases of chest pain as well as left chest pain. Usually, when the heart is suddenly jolted or the heart is getting worse, you may suspect the disease in the vicinity of the heart. Left chest pain is also a heart problem.

In general, a case of myocardial infarction or angina can be considered. It may be stabilized angina in which the pain disappears within a few minutes. However, sudden pain in the case of dyschronic angina occurring at dawn or early morning may cause pain. Acute myocardial infarction can be suspected if strong chest pain lasts more than 30 minutes. In this case, it does not sink easily into the stable, rather it causes pain in rest. Cardiac arrest and impaired cardiac function can lead to immediate first aid.

If you continue to have strong pain in your left chest, you may have a heart problem. Source: Pixar Bay

If left chest pain leads to left chest pain or ribs or chest pain, you may suspect intercostal neuralgia symptoms. It is more painful because the pain persists every time you breathe deeply. Intercostal neuralgia can occur for a variety of reasons, including fractures of the spine or rib, or post-operative pain.

Intercostal neuralgia is improved through medication, but occasionally intercostal nerve block is performed if it does not improve. It is a pain that can not be cured easily, so it is a symptom requiring continuous treatment.

If the side pain persists, you may suspect intercostal neuralgia or shingles. Source: Pixar Bay

You may suspect shingles if you have a painful stabbing pain in the broad side of your body, not the pain or bone in your left side. Usually there are small blisters or bands, but there are some cases that need to be carefully observed and diagnosed.

It is not uncommon, but it may be a digestive illness. In general, the left side of the digestive system such as the stomach or colon is located in the upper part of the pain up to the left chest pain may lead to. In addition, inflammation of the esophagus or pleura may be seen as pain in the left chest area.

What if it is acyclic breast pain?

For women, if the left chest pain feels pain in the armpits or inside the chest muscles, the problem of the breast area can be questioned. Especially if left breast pain appears directly. Of course, cyclic masturbation can be thought of as a result of menstruation, but if acyclic masturbation continues, other problems, such as the early symptoms of breast cancer, can be considered.

In women, if the pain in the left chest leads to the breast, it may be a disease of the breast. Source: Flickr

If left-sided chest pain persists, it is a good idea to go to a hospital and make an accurate diagnosis. If you do not have serious diseases like breast cancer or heart disease, you may think that it is okay. If you leave any neuralgia, fracture or inflammation, it is more likely to develop into a chronic disease.

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