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[Health] Various natural laxatives, dry fungus ‘Furun’ effects for pregnant women

▲ Furun is dried plum and is sometimes called natural laxative. (Source: Pixar Bay)

Furun juice that I would have seen once in a pharmacy. This prune juice is known to be effective in relieving constipation. So what is the fuun that is the main ingredient of this juice? Furun is dried plum and is said to be good for relieving constipation. Natural constipation and so called laxative to resolve the effect is excellent, in addition to helping diet or osteoporosis prevention and has a variety of effects. Let's look at fuun with various health effects.

▲ Furun comes out of potassium sorbate during drying process to prevent corruption. (Photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)


Furun was a favorite food for people in the Caucasus region. Later, it was passed to Western Europe and later by Luis Felipe in France, and it is now using the furun around the world. Usually, we know that the seeds are contained in the seeds, but if dried, it will become rotten, but the plums used to make this furun have the characteristic that they do not decay or ferment even if they are dried with seeds. For this reason, furun is also called dried plum, or dried plum, and in the process of drying, a component called potassium sorbate occurs, which acts as a natural preservative to prevent corruption.

▲ Furun is rich in dietary fiber and sorbitol to prevent constipation and alleviate constipation. (Photo = ⓒ Pixar Bay)

Purun's Efficacy

Furun has a variety of health benefits, but the most important of these is the effect of eliminating constipation. Furun contains a large amount of dietary fiber and sorbitol. These ingredients promote bowel function, shorten the travel time of the stool, and relieve and prevent constipation. The furun contains antioxidant components called polyphenols. This ingredient removes active oxygen in the body to prevent aging and prevent cancer, various antioxidant effects can be seen. In addition, it has three times as much vitamin A content as normal plum, and it has excellent effect on eye health. Vitamin K, B6, and potassium are contained to prevent osteoporosis and prevent hypertension. It also has a low calorie content, but it also gives a feeling of fullness in small quantities, which also helps the diet.

Notes on ingesting furun

Furun is active in the intestinal tract and contains a variety of nutrients, so overdose can cause side effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, it is better to increase intake gradually starting from 4 ~ 5 eggs rather than from the beginning, and 10 ~ 12 eggs per day for adults.

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