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[Health] Alzheimer’s treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy


Tel Aviv University researchers say high-pressure oxygen therapy can help treat Alzheimer's disease in New York. This treatment is for patients with neurological problems.

The patient enters an enclosed space filled with pure oxygen that is at least twice as high as normal. During treatment, oxygen solubility in the blood increases and oxygen circulates throughout the body through the blood vessels.

Promoting patient's health

Higher levels of oxygen in the blood will strengthen the body's growth factors and stem cells and improve the patient's health. "We believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, which is susceptible to the elderly, and it also speeds up the treatment of slow-healing wounds," said Professor Ashishri of the University of Tel Aviv University School of Neuroscience.

The researchers first experimented with rats. A model of mice with Alzheimer's disease was made and an appropriate high-pressure oxygen bottle was made. Rats received hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 1 hour daily for 14 days. The researchers then conducted a biochemical test to see if the mice had a therapeutic effect.

As a result, high-pressure oxygen therapy directly affected the brain tissue affected by Alzheimer's. Plague and nerve inflammation was reduced by 40%.

The researchers concluded that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe and effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Hospitals around the world are already using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat nervous system diseases and other diseases.

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