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[Health] ‘Demand Gourmet Recipe’ How to make a simple water bottle at home … “Mineral water water lilies”

▲ The meeting is divided into the meeting, the meeting, and the first meeting (source = capture of the demand gourmet)


'Sai' means fish, shellfish, beef meat and liver which are eaten raw or sliced ​​and cut and then eaten with horseradish, sauce, and salt. It is divided into a charcoal and a mourning, and a sashimi made from vinegar, soy sauce or salt is called 'cherish'. The food of the summer, which is made by putting sashimi, is usually made by cutting a bowl, carrots, cucumbers and onions, and adding seasonings and cold water to the sliced ​​white and white fish.

Gyeongsang, Jeju, and Gangwon provinces are local foods and relatively easy to make. In the past, busy fishermen used to drink kojukjang and miso in poured water to easily solve a meal. The water recipe includes recipe for sea bass and minerals, urchins, sea cucumbers, sea cucumbers, abalone, flounder, seabream, perch and so on.

Jeju Island is seasoned with miso, and in Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gangwon-do province, it is seasoned with kochujang to make water. In TVN's broadcast and demanding meals, I introduced two ways to make and eat food at home.

If there is no water, add cold water for cold water (source = capture of demand gourmet)

How to make a watercolor

Water Recipe -1

1. Go to the meeting and buy an affordable meeting.
2. I put it in the refrigerator and it goes through the aging process.
3. Chop home vegetables and fruits.
4. Put the sashimi and red pepper paste and add a little sugar.
5. If there is no juice, add juice for cold noodle.

Water Recipe -2

1. Put cabbage, lettuce, and lettuce in a bowl.
2. Season with herbs and wasabi.
3. Put sesame seeds and cool water, and drop ice.

▲ Water contains vitamins and minerals (source = capturing demand gourmet times)

Advantages of water intake

The method of making watercolor on Jeju Island is a little special. Vinegar is put into the water, and it is made by putting zenpy. Most of the main ingredients of the water are seafood, like sea cucumbers, cucumber water cucumber, and water cucumber recipe. Seafood is rich in protein and low in fat content, making it easy to control weight.

It also contains DHA, vitamins and minerals, which contribute to the health of the elderly and help prevent adult diseases. In addition, the syrup added to the water recipe has the effect of lowering the cholesterol of the blood vessels and activating the brain function, which is useful for prevention and treatment of senile dementia, arteriosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases.

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