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Most parents think their child will not be able to concentrate on their studies if they bring their smartphones to school. Also, I am worried if I do not get along with my classmates when I am on a smartphone. But in fact, smartphones can be a great learning device, depending on the application.

Some have argued about whether students should be allowed to bring their smartphones to school. Some schools are introducing policies that allow the bringing of smart devices but turn them off in class. According to the Pew Research Center research report in 2010, 65 percent of teens are carrying smart devices in schools despite the prohibition of such devices, according to Family Intelligence.

However, some experts have paid attention to the advantages of smartphones. According to Matthew Keyney and Guardian magazine, teachers and associate professors at the Sydney Institute of Technology educational programs, mobile devices are both poised and poisoned depending on what the student's purpose is.

For example, smart devices are an ideal learning tool for students who want to find the information they need for their homework, get immediate feedback from others, or use media.

"Using mobile devices in schools is an important step in teaching children how to survive in the digital age," said Joan Orlando of the University of Western Sydney's College of Technology and Learning.

It is a good education to use technology for constructive learning, to develop ideas and to communicate with others. Research has shown that using technology well helps children develop their competencies.

Smartphone in school, why should I allow

It is important to utilize mobile devices to enhance children's digital literacy. Smartphones can be a very useful tool especially if you use them well. Some of the benefits of accepting smartphones in schools include:

1. Communication: Smartphones are the most convenient and reliable way to reach your children at school. You can get in touch with your child, listen to the news, and know your location whenever you need it, by contacting them on your smartphone.

According to PEW Research, about 48% of parents were using mobile devices to monitor their children's activities. Especially in an emergency, a child can easily contact their parents to let them know what is happening. Smartphones serve as a bridge between children and their parents and contribute to the safety of their children. In addition, when an actual dangerous situation occurs, a mobile phone is required to report to the police.

2. Increased instructional understanding: Teachers also use applications (apps) to upload classes and learning materials and to view them on mobile devices. The material may be viewed at home or for reference prior to testing. It is also possible to use the recording function on the smartphone to record lessons and use it when studying at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of examinations on-line, too. In this regard, mobile devices save both students and teachers time.

3. Easy information gathering: You can see the academic materials that are essential for school homework or assignments. Children can view materials and images on mobile devices, study school classes and related materials, and store them.

You can also use your smartphone to write in class and check back later. You can search for words you do not understand or study new vocabulary through the dictionary app. Discussion time is also a strong support group that can quickly and conveniently search the evidence to support the claim. You can also use the Pop quiz app to test what you have learned at school.

Especially, it is easy to prepare a presentation using a smartphone, and connect it to a projector and announce it in class. Smartphones also serve as remote controls for the projector.

3. Schedule management: You can increase your productivity by installing a learning calendar on your smartphone. The calendar function of the smartphone also summarizes the test schedule and the deadline for submitting homework. Taking advantage of these scheduler functions is convenient when you plan to start a task and plan when to start studying ahead of time.

On the other hand, smartphones have many advantages, but they can interfere with learning if they are overused or addicted. Therefore, parental monitoring and use restrictions are essential.

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