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[Health] “Over 50% infection by sexual contact only” What are the symptoms of a male “pucker” called the genital wart and how is it transmitted?


The wart disease that develops in the genital area is called "gonorrhea". It is a skin disease caused by viral infection, not sexually transmitted diseases.

Gonorrhea is a disease that should be noted especially in summer. Indirect hepatitis can also occur in swimming beaches and swimming pools where people are immersed. Let's look at the contagious, intense, early treatment that is essential.

What is the cause of the contagion?

Gonorrhea is infectious enough to cause more than 50% chance of becoming infected with only one sexual contact. It can also be indirect hepatitis in swimming beaches and swimming pools.

Causes of pimples are caused by HPV (HPV), such as plantar warts. Unlike common warts, it has a latent period of 3 to 4 months and can occur in young children.


Gonorrhea can occur not only in the vulva but also in the vagina, anus, and uterus. Initially, small protuberances like wolves are formed and gradually grow larger to form a typical crustacean pattern of chicken ferns and small mushrooms. The skin is slightly raised, varying in size, and pink or white. Symptoms such as pain or hemorrhage may be accompanied.

Men usually present in the penile foreskin and may have symptoms such as hemorrhage during urination or splitting into two trunks of urine. Women appear in the vulva, cervix, perineum, and anus, and they block the vulva and vaginal opening when they become larger. Especially in women, if symptoms worsen, it can develop into female cancer or cervical cancer.

Acne treatment

It is very contagious, so early treatment is indispensable even for people around you. If the size is small, medication is possible but if the symptoms are bigger, the laser operation will be done.

As it is easy to recur, we should try to prevent recurrence after treatment. It can be diagnosed easily by the naked eye, but it is accompanied by a syphilis reaction test to distinguish it from the second stage syphilis flat conidiloma. A biopsy may be done to distinguish it from cancer.

How to prevent congestion

Gonorrhea is a viral disease and it is easy to develop a gap where the immune system is weakened. It is important to manage your condition with adequate sleep and rest, moderate exercise and healthy eating habits so that your immune system does not deteriorate.

It is good to avoid sexual intercourse with a partner who often changes sex partners, and eating yulmu, vitamins and probiotics is also helpful.

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