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You can often see cherry in a delicious pie and tart menu. Cherries can be eaten as they are, and they can be added when making desserts. Like this, cherries are used as various dessert ingredients because of the various advantages of cherries.

Efficacy of weight loss

Did you know that cherry is effective in weight loss? Cherry calorie is an excellent weight loss food that is only 60kcal per 100g. In the 2009 Journal of Medical Food journal, the researchers fed a sour cherry powder to experimental mice for 90 days throughout the high fat diet experiment. As a result, it was confirmed that the increase in body fat was significantly lower than the rats that did not eat cherry powder. Cherry is associated with a decrease in the concentration of fat in the bloodstream, which ultimately reduces the amount of fat. Especially abdominal obesity. In addition to weight loss, the researchers reported that heart disease in rats fed cherry and inflammation associated with diabetes were also lowered.

Another attraction of cherry

The reason why cherry is good for your body is not just the diet effect. According to a study by the University of Michigan in 2013, Tart cherry has been shown to lower the risk of stroke and help with cardiovascular health. The researchers explained that the active effect of cherry is due to the response to peroxisome proliferator activating receptors (PPARs) in the body's tissues. PPARs help control genes involved in the body's metabolism of fat and glucose. Modification of PPARs has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cherry also contains powerful antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidines, preventing inflammation and activation of the free radicals. In other words, cherry means it is good for the prevention of dementia affected by cancer, heart disease and oxygen.

Nutrition of cherries

Cherries are not just good tastes, but they are foods that contain a wide variety of nutrients. Cherry's representative nutrients are anthocyanins, quercetin, hydroxy cinnamate, potassium, carotenoids, and melatonin.

In addition, it is rich in vitamin C and fiber. Cherries also contain vitamin A, vitamin B6, manganese, copper, magnesium, iron and calcium.

In fact, because of the many kinds of cherries, depending on the type of nutrients may be slightly different. However, the nutritional value of a cup of cherries is generally analyzed as about 22 g of carbohydrate, 3 g of dietary fiber, 18 g of sugar, 1 g of protein and 10 g of vitamin C.

Cherry Recipes

How can you use other foods other than just eating fresh cherries? First, if you eat cherries in oatmeal, the nutritional value of the cereal will be enhanced. It can be eaten with yogurt, or it can be made with smoothie or juice. You can eat it in a salad and put it on a dessert, you can get a pretty decoration.

In addition to simple snacks, cherries can be added to cooking and baking. You can put cherries in panna tarts and other baking menus, and you can keep them for long periods if you make syrups or jams.

How to eat cherries longer

It is best to pick cherry or buy it, then use it for eating or cooking immediately, not in the refrigerator. However, if not, let's see how to eat cherries for a relatively long time.

Of course, if you put cherries in a panna or tart, you can eat cherries for a longer time. If you want to keep cherries alone, follow the procedure below.

Clean the cherry first, then remove the seed. It is not necessary to remove the seed, but it is very easy to eat later, so please do this process. Then, pour half of water into a glass bottle and fill it with cherries. At this time, tap the glass bottle on the floor to prevent water from bubbling. This way, the cherry will hold the bottle until it fills and close the lid.

Cherry of different varieties

There are hundreds of varieties of cherries, and they vary in size and taste. The taste is divided into sweet or sour taste.

Sour cherries are mainly used for cooking, such as Montmoranci and Morello varieties. It has a bright red color, and is mainly used for cooking such as pie and cherry kobla.

Cherries with a dark red or black color are exceptionally sweet and have a lot of juice, so they are suitable for eating. This type of cherry also has a dark mahogany color. The most popular varieties are Bing, Lambert, Celan, Sweetheart, and Tulare Cherry. Because it is a sweet and tasty varieties by itself, it is rarely used in cooking, but it can be used to make fresh tarts and salads. If you eat cherry in brandy, you taste special.

Even though it is not common, there is a yellow cherry. There are some pink cherries, and these kinds are also sweet and eat a lot of snacks. Because the color is so attractive, it is used for cheese plate, hors d'oeuvres and salad after subtracting seeds. Popular varieties of pink and yellow cherries include Rainier and Royal & Cherry.

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