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Children have the capacity to accept and absorb any form of entertainment or entertainment. For example, digital entertainment such as today's popular video games, TV shows, and streaming services. But other live shows such as musicals and theater can also be of great interest to children.

View theater and musical with your child

Theater and musicals are also a great help in developing your child's creativity and originality. But it is not good for the parents to take a child who is not interested. Instead, slowly create opportunities for your child to be exposed to these experiences, and watch your child's excitement and excitement. Here are a few tips to help you watch live shows with your kids.

The first thing to decide is that you have to be flexible in choosing a show. In other words, it is better to widen the selection. Well-known large-scale performances are good, but it is not unreasonable for both small theater and musicals in the area to enjoy with their children. Choosing one of the award-winning plays can be the most common choice, but that does not mean you have to choose these. If you thoroughly check the events hosted at your nearest cultural center or hall, and genre, composition, and reviews are appropriate for your child, this can also be a good experience for your child. It is most important to choose something that is familiar to the child and appropriate for all ages.

If you chose the right performance, now expect to see a show with your child. Rather than just going to see the performances on the day of the show, it is also good to talk about various elements such as performances of pre-cast actors, production notes, or special effects on the stage. It is good to tell the stories that parents have experienced, and of course waiting for the show to hear the story of the child's imagination. While waiting for the performance, the child will imagine himself by drawing an image of the performance in his mind.

And finally, the day you see the pre-painted plays and musicals, you should be able to have a fun and informative time admiring and impressing the wonder of the performance. At this time, it is good to recall basic theater etiquette such as turning off the mobile phone and not bringing in food. It all helps to focus on the performance. If your child wants to say something, let them lower their voices.

After seeing this musical or theater together, you should be able to continue your emotions for a longer time by talking about the performances. It is good to make the child interpret himself / herself according to the manner in which he expresses himself / herself, for example, about the hero's adventures and desires, the moral lessons described at the end, and how the villain could have been more kind . It should be able to listen to all the things that children share after watching the play with free exchange of ideas and insights.

Now it is time to suggest to the child about the theater or the musical to be seen next. It is also an opportunity to open up new moments so that parents as well as their children can spend quality time with their children. It is also a good idea to watch a play and a musical together as a reward when your child gets good grades in school or has done the right thing.

Live shows remain popular in digital age

According to a recent TEG analysis study conducted in Australia, child-friendly show and family live shows have been very successful in terms of ticket sales and potential customer acquisition. This shows that the success of this live show continues to be sustained while ticket prices are rising and digital media such as online and TV series are gaining popularity.

Especially, 'Wiggles' and 'Disney on Ice' were chosen as the most popular child-friendly show last year and became popular. In recent years, the animated TV series 'Po Patrol' is gaining popularity locally.

These results were derived from TEG analysis studies, and the team collected data by applying a customer property analyzer to about 1.4 million Australians. The data focused on Australians' entertainment choices or preferences. Andrew Reid, general manager of TEG's analysis and insight, stressed that the competition in the family-building market is becoming increasingly fierce. Statistics show that live shows accounted for a significant portion of this, with about 73 percent of parents with children under the age of 18 allowing their children to watch live entertainment programs.

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