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[Health] Diet to eat meat [diet] Emperor diet TIP ‘… “I can lose more than 3kg per week”

▲ Learn about Emperor diet (Source: Pixar Bay)

As the temperature rises, the number of people who are heating up the diet is increasing. Super fast-food diets or starvation diets can cause health problems if they cause yo-yo. Therefore, the diet of the emperor diet can do a lot of interest is showing. Learn about Emperor Diet Late and Emperor Diet Diet.

What is Emperor Diet?

The emperor diet is a dieting method that takes only protein such as eggs, ham, cheese, and meat instead of carbohydrates. It is similar to the Danish diet in that it inhibits carbohydrate intake.

Emperor diet diet

It is good to go on a diet diet consisting of a daily diet (▲ beef, pork and chicken). Normally, you should choose a recipe to cook or grill, and carbohydrates such as rice or bread should be uncooked because it becomes fat when consumed with protein.

Diet can be bacillus?

The emperor diet is cheaper than beef, pork with less saturated fat and cholesterol. Since pork belly has a lot of oil, it eats hind legs, front legs and so on.

▲ Learn about the side effects of the emperor diet (Source: Pixar Bay)

Emperor diet notes

Be sure to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day and not more than 3L (sometimes it swells if you have a lot of water)

Emperor diet period

The emperor diet is a protein-prone diet, resulting in nutritional imbalance. It is good not to exceed a maximum of three weeks in a week usually, and it is good to replenish moisture. In parallel with exercise, the effect can be maximized.

Emperor diet effect

The emperor's diet, which was called Diet of Lee Seung Gi in the past, has the effect of lowering blood sugar, and it is said that when exercising, fat decomposition is better than muscle. It is important to note that you should never consume carbohydrates.

Emperor diet side effects

Long-term results may lead to decreased brain function and work efficiency, and it may be desirable to do only a short period of time because it may increase saturated fat and cholesterol intake.

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