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[Health] Confirmation of the pain, hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment that you feel when you sit down


Hemorrhoids, a common disease we know, occur in areas of disgust that inform people. Many people do not visit the hospital without telling the others, so they want to go to the hospital with some progress of the disease. Precisely a disease called hemorrhoids in the anal canal to relieve the impact of bowel movements in the blood vessels and connective tissue, which helps to prevent fecal incontinence. Repeated bowel movements and erroneous bowel habits result in constriction of the tissues, resulting in congestion and degeneration of the surrounding tissues, reducing the elasticity of the surrounding tissue. As a result, a wound is created and bleeding is induced, leading to a hernia.

Types and causes of hemorrhoids

The nucleus can be divided into the inner nucleus and the outer nucleus. The inner nucleus is a 2-degree nucleus that returns to its original position with the break of the stomach, It is divided into 3 degree dental nucleus which enters when it comes out and pushes, and 4 degree dental nucleus which necrosis and pain do not enter inside. The chest wall appears at the skin-covered area outside the anus, and is painful. Repeated loincloth formation and vasodilatation cause the skin to sag. If stiff stools and constipation are constantly applying force to the anus, abnormal hemorrhoids can be exacerbated when increased abdominal pressure and weakened pelvic floor.

The treatment of hemorrhoids

Treatment of hemorrhoids is largely based on conservative therapy, cyclic rubber ligation, infrared coagulation, infusion therapy, cold hemorrhoid surgery, and hemorrhoidectomy. This includes habits, diet, and treatments with stiffening agents. Infrared coagulation induces fibrosis around the blood vessels by heat, and injection therapy is a direct injection of almond oil and 5% phenol.

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