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[Health] Pumpkin juice, diet and plastic surgery really effective in swelling? … “Homemade pumpkin juice recipe in three minutes”

▲ pumpkin juice helps the diet, pulls the body swelling (Source = Pixar Bay)

As the popular shopping mall model on SNS unveils pumpkin juice diet and swelling effects, interest in pumpkin juice is increasing day by day. For a long time, pumpkin has been widely known as a food that eliminates the swelling of cosmetic surgery and releases toxins to the body.

The efficacy of pumpkin and pumpkin juice

1. The secret of cell rejuvenation and youth

As you get older, the bruises frequently occur, and the speed of disease recovery, such as the cold, is getting worse. This is all due to cellular aging. Beta carotene, which is contained in pumpkin songs, helps prevent cell senescence and eliminate active oxygen. Especially, it is known to remove the wastes accumulated in the body to make cells healthy and improve the immunity.

2. Good food for chronic fatigue

Amber is rich in vitamin B, vitamin B is a component to help relieve chronic fatigue, converting fat and protein into active energy, helping liver deciphering and relieving fatigue.

3. Pumpkin juice diet

The fever is very low at 100kG to 27kcal, which is also good for diet. In particular, corn beard and herbal medicines help the diet and give swelling, and pumpkin juice can be used for swelling of the twins.

4. Excellent for blood vessel cleaning

The fiber in the old pumpkin is very good for the removal of oil and cholesterol in the blood and helps the blood circulation to be smooth. If you are thinking about taking pumpkin juice during pregnancy, it is better to eat after consulting with a specialist.

▲ Let's make a simple pumpkin juice at home (Source = Pixar Bay)

Making old pumpkin juice simple at home

It is simpler than you think. Pour the old pumpkin seeds and boil them in hot water. After boiling well, put it in cottonseed and juice it.

Pumpkin juice recommended products

There are various forms of pumpkin juice on the market, from non-additive pumpkin juice to apple-flavored pumpkin juice. The Naver ranking (regardless of the sales volume) includes Kim Jae-sik's pumpkin juice and Imbly pumpkin juice.

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