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[Health] Helps in health monitoring and disease prediction.


Researchers say the development of health monitoring technology can help predict disease.

Stanford University researchers say physicians can provide disease-predicting information through inexpensive sensors for health measurement and related software.

In general, a fitness monitor tracks the wearer's heart rate, body temperature, and other factors.

Stanford researchers analyzed patterns by analyzing basic data recorded with the patient's history. As a result, we have found that these data can help predict medical conditions such as inflammation, infection symptoms, insulin resistance and many diseases.

It also collects unique personal data over time, so trends and deviations that specifically focus on the individual's health are displayed.

Stanford researchers collected about 2 billion measurement data from 60 people, including serial data from wearable biosensor devices and periodic experimental data on blood chemistry, gene expression and other measurements.

Each subject wears one or more commercially available activity monitors and sensors, measuring more than 250,000 daily data.

The researchers collected data on activities including weight, heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature and sleep, stair climbing, walking, biking, running, calories burned, gamma rays and x-ray exposure.

The researchers compared the monitored values ​​for each individual to the data at the start of the person's experiment, which allowed them to compare deviations in normal and tolerated diagnoses versus deviations in environmental conditions and disease.

The researchers say they can relate escape patterns to specific health problems, and diagnostic software can detect these patterns and provide prognostics with algorithms.

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