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[Health] ‘Owing to a cold’, the first symptoms of pneumonia leading to death, vaccination 100% preventable?


There is a great weather every day. Late autumn, the number of cold patients increased as we entered early winter. At this time, flu vaccinations are spreading like rites of passage. 'Cologock' Cough, a cold symptom, never stops. Hospital medicine, shot, but it is useless. You should suspect pneumonia that is easy to be mistaken for a cold. Yesterday (12th) 'World Pneumonia Day' Let's get information about the pneumonia that is easy to mistake as a cold.

"I thought it was a cough, but" ‥ pneumonia early symptoms, symptoms

Pneumonia is an inflammatory disease of the lungs. Pulmonary dysfunction, as well as pneumonia, all over the body. Frequent cough, sputum, dyspnea, and bronchial disorders are common symptoms of pneumonia that often occur. When the lungs are surrounded and the pleura is inflamed, the pain is felt every time you breathe. Digestive symptoms can also occur. Vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Fever, chills, myalgia, arthralgia, headache, and lethargy are all symptoms of pneumonia that can be mistaken for a cold or aches.

Pneumococcal vaccine Vaccination, the probability of taking pneumonia? The cause of bacterial pneumonia is pneumococci. Infiltrate the body with less immunity to cause pneumonia. Pneumococcal vaccine vaccination can prevent pneumonia. Chronic lung disease patients are vaccinated against pneumococci up to 84% is said to have a preventive effect. There is also the result that the mortality rate and the ICU admission rate are lower than the non-vaccinated. If you have a history of lung weakness or past history of lung disease, you may want to get vaccinated.

What if you do not cough pneumonia? Pneumonia complications, mortality and pneumonia prevention

Infectious pneumonia caused by microorganisms (fungi) other than bacterial pneumonia, and non-infectious pneumonia caused by chemical substances or radiation therapy. If you have symptoms similar to pneumonia in preparation for vaccine-free pneumonia, you should start treatment early. If pneumonia is left untreated, there is a high possibility of complications such as sepsis, shock, pneumothorax, and lung abscess. Influenza · Streptococcus pneumonia vaccine It is necessary to do vaccination. It is also important to understand the changes in the body and visit the hospital early. According to the National Statistical Office, lung cancer mortality has more than quadrupled in the last 10 years.

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