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[Health] What is good food for fatigue recovery?

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Most busy modern people suffer from chronic fatigue. To recover from fatigue should take enough rest, but there is not enough time, many people are taking replicates of fatigue. However, if you continue to work without taking care of your health, your overwork will cause health problems or even death. What are some foods that are easy to get fatigue that can be ingested?

Source: Pixar Bay


The health benefits of Houton trees are fatigue, hangover recovery, and energy recovery. Good for improving liver function and improving bowel function. It also stops nausea and is effective against insect poisoning. It is good to eat the fruit of the hunting tree for a month, and it may be consumed as a nutritional restorative drink or a drink which is commercially available. There are many calcium in the hinoki tree, which helps to treat arthritis.

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Red ginseng

Red ginseng contains saponins, polysaccharides, and antioxidants to improve fatigue, improve memory, improve liver function and prevent skin diseases. Also, because it has efficacy in vascular diseases, it is an effective health food for the worker who has a lot of drinking and fatigue.

Gugija tea and twin car

Gugija tea contains many essential amino acids such as betaine and rutin, which is helpful for restoring fatigue. It also cleanses liver toxins, restoring liver function and helping to produce new hepatocytes.

It protects tile blood, warms the body, helps prevent colds, improves mouthfeel, and is especially good for recovering from the heat of the season.

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Fruit with a lot of vitamins such as mandarin oranges

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent colds, relieve fatigue and improve skin health. In addition to mandarins, citrus fruits such as citron, let's eat a lot of fruits. In addition, the sweet persimmon carotene and vitamin C changes in the body is rich in vitamin C helps improve immunity. Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C.

Source: Pixar Bay

Vegetables such as broccoli and leek

Broccoli is so nutritious that it is called superfood. Vitamin C in broccoli is twice as much as lemon. Beta-carotene, selenium and other ingredients are also included to enhance the body's immunity, improve skin resistance, and good for hair health.

Leek contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and so on, and makes the body warm. Therefore, it is effective for cold leg weakness, strengthens liver function, and has anticancer effect. It also improves bowel health and digestion. It contains a chlorophyll component and serves to release the fatigue material to the outside of the body.

In addition, cucumbers, tomatoes and garlic are helpful for fatigue recovery.

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