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[Health] Lentil beans, one of the world’s five super foods … Good for constipation prevention.


Lentil beans, also known as lentils, have a convex lens shape and are one of the top five super foods in the world, selected by American health magazine Health. It is a nutritious food rich in high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

History of Lentil Beans

Lentil has been cultivated in Central Asia since 8,000 years ago. In the Bible, Jacob is referred to as an item that he has exchanged for rights. Lentil beans originated in Asia and spread to Africa and the western continent.

Lentil beans are used as stocks during Lent and are the main ingredient of Indian food known as the moon. The main producers of lentils are India, Turkey, Canada, China and Syria.

Nutrition of Lentil beans

Lentils are foods rich in protein and low in fat. It is also rich in dietary fiber to prevent constipation and good for diet, lowering cholesterol, as well as helping to control blood sugar, is suitable for diabetic diet. The lentil beans are rich in folic acid, which helps cell growth and inhibits fetal anomalies.

How to eat lentil beans

Lentil beans are made into soup, easy to eat, and match vegetables such as onions, carrots, celery, amber, and garlic. The preparation takes about 45 minutes, but it is worth it when accompanied by condiments such as cumin, basil, parsley, laurel leaf, salt and pepper. The moon is made using lentils and is easy to make. Onions, tomatoes, and Indian spices are cooked in water.

How to Choose a Lentil Bean

When choosing a lentil bean, make sure you have not ate any worms. Lentil beans are slightly different in taste and use depending on the color. Brown lentils are soft when cooked and are good for making soups, stews, curries, etc. They are also used to make hamburger patties for veggies. Green lentils are similar to brown lentils, but they are a little harder and taste peppery.

Fried Lentil

Wash lentil beans in flowing water before frying. Once the water has fallen properly, roast it on a hot pan. As the lentils become ripe, their color gradually turns yellow. Although there is a unique flavor of Lentil beans, it is just a roasted bean flavor if you taste it by rinsing it directly. Cool roasted beans.

Lentil bean rice

Easy-to-make lentil beans provide healthy, vegetarian, gluten-free meals.

Place the large pot in the middle fire and sprinkle vegetable oil. Put onions and garlic and fry for a few minutes. Brown rice, lentils, and vegetable broth. Boil the mixture and boil for 30 to 40 minutes until the rice and lentil are softened. Salt, pepper, red pepper powder, cumin, and chiffon powder. Heat the mixture until bubbling and cheese dissolve.

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