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"Self-care" is now common to everyone. Also called self-management. The concept of self-care has long been a common term that can be used everywhere.

This can be confirmed on the Internet. In Google, self-care word searches are already more than doubled, and ininstagrams, you can get more than 5 million results. There is also a growing interest in Wellness. Wellness is a combination of the words Welling and Fitness, and media media Tech Crunch reported a 170% increase in sales of top 10 apps on iTunes and Android in a year's time.

This self-management is constantly advancing and attracting people's attention. Nowadays, modern people pay attention to travel, hobby, and balance work and life in spite of busy work schedules. This can lead to a sudden burnout, which is a factor in the growing popularity of self-management. Experts advise that the concept of self-management should be more than just enjoying sauna and yoga classes.

self care

There are people who recognize that investing in themselves as a luxury, because they do not know the basis of the concept of self-management. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined self-management as an activity to establish and maintain health and to deal with disease prevention. The online media The Huffington Post considers the activities to improve physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and has extended its scope further.

As we move into modern society, this concept continues to evolve and expand to a wider range. At first, for example, a doctor was used to explain the continued autonomy of the elderly or the sick. But by the turn of the sixties, it began to imply increasingly political implications, used by citizens and women activists to represent their neglected physical, mental and emotional needs. Recently, experts are often used to explain how to overcome the burnout and fatigue that are modern chronic illnesses.

In some minority groups, the term is sometimes used as 'self-preservation'. Apart from the typical white-centric concept, they have their own uniqueness. For example, running a health juice bar and worrying about health problems surrounding the community. Ultimately, it means that less affluent people have the option of preserving themselves and fighting better in the current political environment.

Anyway, the concept of self-care, self-management, is very comprehensive and has no boundaries. One thing is certain, however, that self-care does not mean that the same effect works for others because it is effective for them because each individual thinks and applies activities. While spas and bubble baths are all part of self-care, others may include wider leisure activities.

Lisa Butler, professor of social welfare at the University of Buffalo, said that self-management has more to do with preventing burnout or adverse effects. Strengthening and supporting wellness that brings physical and mental well-being. I will introduce self-management measures that can do it myself without investing related expenses.

▲ Yoga is an effective self-management method (Source: Pixar Bay)

Each area that helps self-management

* Physical area

It is very important to maintain the most basic health through physical checks, as it is most important to return to basics. For example, taking a certain amount of time to sleep or not eating food that is unhealthy. These are not only very easy to defend, but they are also a good activity to be responsible for physical and mental health.

* Professional area

Today 's modern people suffer from overloaded workloads in a constantly moving world. Butler emphasized that it is important to have a sense of responsibility given to him, at the same time to have a productive break and to generate energy. Also, recreational activities with free time on the line that do not interfere with work can be a big help.

* Human interaction area

All interactions with family, friends, co-workers and strangers are important elements in human life as well as constituting society. Of course, the self-care approach has individual differences, but you do not have to do everything yourself. It is important to remember that it is a great help to your health to have time to spend with your loved ones.

* Emotional area

Butler advised that it would be better to amplify the positive impacts and record the negative impacts to promote well-being. You must strengthen your euphoria in your own way that can be applied appropriately to emotions and responses.

* Spiritual realm

Though it may sound a bit strange, it is sometimes more effective to focus attention on the vast universe of the universe than to stay in the busy real world. If you build a relationship with a larger world and open up your mind, you feel that what is happening on your current earth is no different.

* Psychological area

Butler explained that this psychological aspect is the area that emphasizes the most important principles of self-management. Just having meditation and having the right mind. In a world where everything is busy, there are occasions when you are mentally confined to small things. Reflecting self-reflection and emotions of the surrounding people while maintaining the continuity of connection with the present life can be very beneficial to genuine self-management.

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