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[Health] New cancer treatment method, immunization method

Photo Source: Dr.Lance Liotta Laboratory

Cancer patient Kenshev Bellland tried all sorts of ways until he was introduced to a new cure, but he failed and was in trouble.

Doctors at the Federal Hutchison Cancer Research Center decided to adopt a radical immune regimen after everything failed. Immunotherapy is the removal of the patient's immune cells and manipulation of the cell as a "cancer assassin" and then back into the body through the blood. The cells then kill the cancerous tumor in the body.

This immunotherapy is the most popular cancer treatment today. This process produces herbal medicine from cells that grow in the body, and this medicine discovers and removes the tumor.

A month later, the doctors at the research center found that the body lymphoma of chef bellandfield was clean.

This treatment is an entirely new way of treating cancer. Early studies suggest that a single injection of immune cells can help treat a large number of patients with refractory leukemia or lymphoma.

However, there is much concern about the safety of this new therapy.

Dr. David Maloney, a cell immunology specialist, treated Chevrolet with CAR-T cells. "The immune system in humans is incredibly powerful," he said. CAR modified T cells can be engineered to attack almost all tumor-associated antigens. Dr. Stanley Giddel, director of immunotherapy science, said, "In untreated patients, tumors and leukemia are being treated in weeks. There are still many areas to study. "

However, this method has side effects. Shebelland was hospitalized after the blood pressure dropped sharply after the treatment. "I was having a conversation with a nurse, and suddenly I started gibbering," he said.

It is called "cytokine release syndrome" when CAR-T cells encircle cancer and an immune overreaction occurs. This syndrome can lead to high blood pressure, high fever, and even severe organ damage. Some patients had hallucinations and other neurological symptoms.

Doctors and researchers continue to treat the tumor with this treatment, but are trying to eliminate the side effects. Dr. Len Richtenfeld, of the American Cancer Society, said some experienced cancer treatment centers are already working to address the side effects.

Dr. Nick Hanning of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and MIT and Harvard University said that CAR-T therapy can be effective in treating patients at the end of blood cancer.

It's a good remedy, but there are still a lot of mountains to overcome before the immunotherapy and CAR-T make a mistake.

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