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[Health] Sudden high fever, chills, meningitis symptoms

Meningitis is accompanied by severe chills, fever and headache. Source: Flickr

The brain is surrounded by a thin membrane. The meningeal membrane is composed of a soft membrane that encapsulates the deepest part, a spider membrane that contains the CSF space, and a hard membrane that protects the brain and spinal cord from the thickest and chewy outer layer.

Meningitis is inflammation of the brain that appears in the space between the spider membrane and the soft membrane. Source: Pixar Bay

Meningitis usually refers to inflammation in the space between the spider membrane and the soft membrane. The most common cause of such inflammation is the occurrence of viruses and germs in this area. However, it can also be caused by infection by certain chemicals or other substances.

Meningitis with severe cold and confusion

Meningitis symptoms are scary because they are very similar to severe colds. Meningitis symptoms include fever, chills, and headache, which start suddenly and are accompanied by a high fever above 38 degrees Celsius. The headache is so severe that it can be said to be 'broken hair'. These high fever or chills are similar to other inflammatory diseases such as pleurisy or urinary tract infections and should be watched carefully.

Because meningitis is similar to other diseases, accurate diagnosis is needed.

It is difficult to diagnose meningitis because its early symptoms are similar to other diseases. Especially if they are caused by bacterial infections, they may lose their lives within 24 hours. Especially, meningitis symptoms in infants and young children are more rapid than those in adult meningitis. Especially in infants, it is often misunderstood as cold due to early onset of fever.

Meningomas occurring at sites similar to meningitis should also be considered carefully. Meningiomas may be malignant tumors, which makes it difficult to cope easily. Therefore, the symptoms should be more clearly identified through the examination of cerebrospinal fluid. Early symptoms of brain tumors also tend to be quite similar to meningitis symptoms. This also needs to be identified early in the test.

Bacterial meningitis is more dangerous than viral meningitis.

Meningitis is usually caused by enteroviruses called enteroviruses. In this case, viral meningitis causes difficulties due to high fever, chills and stiffness. However, in viral meningitis, adults are often improved naturally if they take one week to two weeks of rest and medication.

However, bacterial meningitis is far worse than viral meningitis. Bacterial meningitis may include pneumococcus, meningococcus, and type B hemophilus. Among them, pneumococcus and meningococcus can be prevented through immunization. In case of bacterial meningitis, it can be a very fatal disease because it can lead to death within a short time after onset.

Immunization is essential to avoid meningitis

In meningococcal meningitis, one out of every 10 people die and one in five suffers severe sequelae such as limb amputation, hearing loss, and brain damage. Because meningococcal meningitis is contagious, patient isolation is necessary and it is important for patients and health care providers to work on preventive treatment and cleanliness.

The most effective way to prevent meningitis is vaccination. Source: Pixar Bay

The vaccine is a method to prevent bacterial meningitis, especially meningitis, such as meningococcus. Immunization can prevent meningococci and various bacterial meningitis. In infants and young children there is a pneumococcal inoculation designated as a required vaccination. Pre-adolescent meningococcal meningitis immunization can be a great help in advance.

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