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[Health] Learn the ‘dizziness’ and various ’causes of dizziness’ that should not be viewed lightly.


Few people have never experienced dizziness. Dizziness is a very common symptom, and the way in which dizziness is expressed varies widely among patients. 'I am lying in the ceiling, I am walking like a drunken person', and the range of dizziness is wide and may be accompanied by various symptoms such as headache dizziness and vomiting dizziness.

About the cause of dizziness

To maintain equilibrium of one 's body, one informs the various stimuli around it and signals our brain and maintains the tension of our body by integrating the signals. There are many kinds, such as a sense of being able to sense how they are maintained and how they are maintained. These stimuli that come in every moment are integrated in the cerebellum and brain stem, and feedback is made. At this time, if there is an abnormality in the circuit, dizziness can be felt.

If headache and dizziness accompany?

Headache and dizziness can be accompanied by pathological dizziness, which is contrary to the cause of normal eccentricity. Pathological dizziness is an abnormality in equilibrium sensory system, and when excessive stimulation occurs, the central nervous system function is not appropriate, or dizziness occurs due to anxiety treatment on synaptic angle. In addition to dizziness headache and vomiting dizziness, if you have complaints such as feeling full of ears, loss of hearing, loss of consciousness, loss of consciousness after a dizziness, anxiety, depression, you should suspect pathological dizziness. If you feel dizziness at this time, Caution should be exercised when taking herbal medicines without confirming the cause.

When going to the hospital for dizziness reasons

I have to go to a hospital for dizziness reasons. Patient dizziness is one of them and when other diseases cause dizziness. Diseases causing dizziness can be classified into peripheral diseases, central nervous system diseases, medical diseases including cardiovascular diseases, and psychiatric diseases. With the exception of peripheral diseases, all of these diseases are accompanied by headache and dizziness, and sometimes require treatment of the underlying disease of dizziness. Because dizziness is caused by various causes, it can occur in rare diseases such as degenerative diseases, brain tumors, and multiple sclerosis. If you feel dizziness, it is advisable to go to the hospital for dizziness diagnosis after the diagnosis.

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