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[Health] Symptoms when kidneys are bad? Check for ‘good kidney food 10’ to improve leg edema and calf muscle pain


The kidney, often called the kidney, is a major organ that excretes waste products. When kidney function falls, it can cause calf edema. Symptoms of poor kidneys include calf muscle pain, facial swelling, and leg swelling. Let's find out the foods that are good for the kidneys and those for the kidneys that you need to know for your kidney health.

Good food for kidneys 10

It is effective to improve kidney health by eating natural food instead of good nutrition or blood circulation improvement in kidney, especially food which can remove body toxin is good kidney food. △ Buckwheat △ Hibiscus △ Black bean (Seolita) △ Bit △ Turmeric △ Old pumpkin △ Corn canola △ Leek △ Red bean △ Cornicorn fruit are foods that improve kidney health. If you are worried about how to get rid of swelling of the face and swelling of the legs, it can be used as a good tea for swallowing foods and kidneys.

A bad kidney food

Foods that cause kidney stones or are bad for kidneys include: △ salt △ chemical artificial sweeteners △ meat △ caffeine △ carbonated beverages. In particular, excessive intake of salt may cause water retention and negatively affect the kidney by preventing the sodium component from being properly discharged. In addition, it is recommended to drink green tea, fresh juice, carbonated water, etc. because carbonated beverages increase the rate of kidney stones as well as various kidney diseases. If you eat meat-intensive, high-protein diets frequently, you should not only increase uric acid levels but also stimulate the kidneys.

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