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Parenting is a rewarding job, but it is also tiring and difficult. Even if there is only one child, nothing to worry about is endless. You can cry, scream, eat, even trouble in the middle of the night.

But what if twins? Twins can cause a twin escalation syndrome in which one child gets into trouble, causing another child to follow up and cause more trouble. In this case, it may look like a hurricane has swept through the house.

If you have twins in your home, and if your children are too active to keep up with the speed with which they are cleared, it is a good idea to read this article.

What is twin enlargement syndrome?

Twin enlargement syndrome (TES) occurs between twins or triplets, and refers to a behavioral problem in which a child "follows" another child's behavior and then "surpasses" each other's behavior. This is due to the natural competition for twins or triplets to beat each other.

For example, if a child screams at meal time, another child screams louder to attract the parent's attention. These instinctive behaviors lead to adults, competing in sport and academic fields.

However, not all twins show this behavior. If a child behaves spoiled among twins or brothers, there are children who keep silence instead of joining together to cause more trouble.

▲ The twin tends to try to beat each other as much as possible (Source = Flickr)

Twin enlargement syndrome coping

Most importantly, when the twins show signs of TES, parents should learn how to keep silent without being embarrassed by the children pulling on their skirts or pulling their heads. Staying calm can help to manage situations properly and to cope with stress related to TES.

There are several effective ways for parents to cope with twin enlargement syndrome.

1. Let's separate the children. When twins are seated side by side, they are likely to perceive each other's behavior and cause problems. In this situation of TES, children should be separated and placed in places where they can not react to each other's actions. And it can be used in this way when children are acting spoiled.

2. Distribute attention. Separating a child can be ineffective when confusion grows, but it can be used to distract attention when children show impolite behavior. If the child is a child, you can give the child a toy or give them a child's attention. And for older children, you can do simple housework to get away from the twins.

3. Reduce competition. TES is triggered because the twins instinctively try to compete with each other. Therefore, by reducing the competition in the home, children can reduce their misbehavior and maintain peace in their homes. To this end, parents should spend time with each child so that they can build their identity. And you should not compare each other to understand the differences and abilities of each, and to avoid jealousy and unnecessary competition.

▲ There are many ways to cope with twin enlargement syndrome (Source = Max Pixel)

4. Praise good behavior. If a child shows nervous irritation or irritation, the parent tends to show interest in the child who is behaving badly. However, when TES occurs, it is more effective to show interest to children who show good behavior. This method is effective in injecting good behaviors into children.

5. Each child must be given a horn. If the twins are in a situation where they must behave in a haphazard manner, and the children have to be slaughtered, the children must sing separately. Children have to be punished for their children because of their different temperament. For example, if one child likes to use a smartphone and the other child likes watching TV, it will not affect a child when he punishes the use of a smartphone for both children.

6. Spend valuable time individually with the children. Children need to know that they are receiving the same love and attention. Therefore, parents should spend the same time individually with their children. Using this method, children learn that they do not have to rely on bad behavior to get their attention.

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