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From classical vocals to hip-hop, or from chorus to singing karaoke, singing goes across many ranges and gives a variety of pleasures. In addition, research suggests that singing is beneficial to health. It reveals the tremendous benefits of songs that everyone enjoys and calls regardless of talent.

Songs help with respiration management

As the music industry flourishes, there is an environment where anyone can sing anywhere. Singing in a singing shower in a karaoke room or singing in a group like a choir or a cappella with excellent talent is all the same.

The Gothenburg University research team in Sweden identified the impact of singing to choir choir members on people. As a result, it became clear that people's heartbeat and breathing match when singing together.

In fact, it is not surprising that a song has a good effect on breathing. This is because breathing plays an important role in singing together with rhythm and rhythm. Techniques such as respiration management from the diaphragm and determination of a maleficence or headache are important factors in the song.

Dr. Björn Vickhoff, who led the study, said that "songs are a regular form of controlling breathing," he said, giving almost the same effect as breathing when doing yoga. In other words, when singing like yoga, the tension is relaxed and the heart also helps. The deep breathing that nashes or rests when singing plays a good part in the heart, keeping the heartbeat in balance and balancing it.

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Good for lung cancer and dementia patients.

Songs also help lung cancer patients. A study in Cardiff, UK, showed that patients with lung cancer had better breathing rates when singing. Cortisol levels and stress index were also low. In fact, a study published in the 2004 Music Therapy Journal found that patients who suffered from chronic pain had a reduced stress index when singing.

Jeremy Highwell Williams, who leads the Rennell Choir Society in Wales, emphasized that the song offers physical and emotional benefits. It increases the increased aerobic exercise, improved breathing, posture, attitude, confidence, and self-esteem. He liked singing alone, but he explained that singing with others would be better.

Song researchers have identified endorphins as one of the main reasons for the soothing effects of songs. Endorphins are substances that have analgesic effects, such as morphine, extracted from the brain of mammals and animals. Oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter, also plays an important role.

For the elderly who are suffering from dementia, singing is becoming an alternative therapy that makes them feel better. Sarah Tigle, co-founder of the Forget-Me-Not choir, stressed that music therapy can bring back memories of people. Music therapy can be more important for people who can not communicate properly like dementia.

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Enjoy singing

The physical and emotional benefits of singing are infinite, and it is not wise to hesitate because of the lack of talent. However, if you are really hesitant to sing, listening to the song from the listener's point of view can be helpful. This is because you are calmed down and your mind calms down while listening to someone else's song.

Of course, there is nothing as good as singing while enjoying yourself. Stress can be reduced by singing with a friend, even if it is not a good stage. There is no limit to the type of song. Popular pop songs or songs that have enjoyed popularity in the '50s are OK too. Remember that there are no limitations in enjoying the effects of singing, calming, breathing, heartbeat, and so on.

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