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It is important to try to understand and understand the child's mistakes. Sometimes children commit deliberate acts in order to attract attention.

Let's understand your child's mistakes

Doing bad behavior is a natural behavior that occurs in all children. Because of the unintentional behavior of a child can make his parents upset. Adults always say that a little child grows and behaves more and more badly, but in fact, everyone's childhood is similar.

Researchers at Illinois State University believe that current-generation children are experiencing behavioral problems due to their parents' excessive use of smartphones and watching TV. This phenomenon is called "technoference."

The researchers defined "technor- ance" as a day-to-day interference and disturbance in a technology device.

They argued that these device interferences between parents and their children cause behaviors such as frustration, hyperactivity, commotion, frustration, and irritability. This study showed that personal ties between parents and children play an important role in the right behavior of the child.

Like adults, children are irritated when they are hungry, lonely, or tired and bored, kicking or kicking things with their feet. The Michigan State Web site tells children about difficulties in solving problems they have not experienced. They want us to give our attention to irritation because they want to give us guidance about what they do not know.

Let your child listen and follow

Child discipline is also difficult for veteran parents. Sometimes the child 's fault can not stand it, so he screams or tries to fix the child' s behavior.

However, parents should be aware that the child did not deliberately commit bad behavior. Before you yell or shoot, let's look at the discipline suggested by The Irish Examiner.

1. Accept

Parents should take a moment to try to find out what the child may be experiencing. "Ultimately, listening to children is a way to make your speech heard better," said Juliette psychologist.

2. Let's set the limit

Parents should be able to say that they are not in a calm and decisive voice. If you keep listening to what your child wants, you can ruin your child. You also need to know that a child can not know exactly what is happening around him. It is desirable to explain why when you say no to them.

3. Help solve the problem

You must teach your child to solve the problem yourself. However, you should be assured that your parents will help you solve the problem while you solve the problem.

It is also important to know what you must do for your child as an adult.

Parents should know when to apologize to their child. Adults are also not perfect. Adults can also make mistakes and act erroneously. If you make a mistake, you should apologize. In addition, parents should be mentally and physically comfortable when dealing with their children. Stress can make your nerves worse and become a catalyst for your child screaming.

And if you still can not control yourself, let 's have some time alone. You have to calm yourself and observe your body and mind. This helps make the right decisions and avoids being a monster-like parent. Learn how to spend a good time with your child and become a better understanding and communication parent.

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