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▲ There are insects that help people by eating pests (Photo = ⓒ Flickr)

Insects are considered a pest that damages plants or affects people. Because of this, there are many ways to expel or destroy insects. But the fact that insects are beneficial and helpful to people is not well known. So how are insects helping people and how can a person protect insects? Let's find some amazing information about insects.

How are insects beneficial to humans?

According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), not all insects should be treated as pests. Of the 1 million insects known to date, only 1 to 3 percent are harming people, animals, plants, and even buildings. In other words, most insects are beneficial things that should not be considered pests.

One way in which insects have beneficial effects on humans and other organisms is to eat other destructive insects as prey. For example, there are certain parasites, rhododendrons, and beetles that feed on pests. And there are insects that paralyze insects. Small hornets paralyze worms that lay eggs or target other insects. This has helped to slow the breeding and growth rate of insect pests.

Insects are also beneficial to the hydration process of plants. Pollen, a part of the plant, that is, pollen, functions to bear fruit. Insects, such as moths, bees, butterflies and bees, are contributing to the spread of pollen throughout the plant, allowing them to grow and propagate in other areas.

▲ Bee-like insects are beneficial for the moisture process (Photo by Max Pixel)

How can we protect the beneficial insects?

If you have a garden or backyard in your home, you can think of many insect species as small but abundant ecosystems. In order to balance this ecosystem, it is necessary to maintain beneficial insects and devise ways to follow insects. But before that, you need to bring in beneficial insects first in the garden or backyard. To do this, we must nurture a variety of indigenous plants and make insects aware of them as places to provide various food sources, including honey.

Next, you should provide a shelter for these beneficial insects. You do not have to make anything artificial, but you have to decorate the garden with dirt, leaves, and plants that cover the floor. This allows us to cultivate beneficial insects and successfully pursue pests. And integrated pest management (IPM) methods to determine which insects are beneficial. Pests do not have to be removed immediately because they can feed on beneficial insects. It should also be remembered that plants can be somewhat damaged, but this is also a natural thing that can happen to balance the ecosystem.

Alternatives may be considered until beneficial insects can control the ecosystem of the yard. It is necessary to be patient because it can eradicate pests according to the number of beneficial insects or the rate of reproduction. Also, garden plants should be healthy. You should be careful to provide plenty of sunlight, moisture, nutrients, and make sure you care. If the plants in the garden grow well, this small ecosystem will also grow healthily and prevent pests and reduce existing pests. When purchasing pesticides, you should find pesticide-specific pesticides that are not products that target beneficial insects.

Beetle breeding in the garden

The beneficial insect that can grow in the garden is the beetle. Beetles can eradicate pests that damage the garden while living on the soil. In addition, since it is a wild insect, night insects, slugs, cabbage maggots and other pests can be eliminated.

There are some interesting facts about beetles. First, more than 26,000 species of beetles live around the world. And this little creature communicates most of the time through the olfactory and taste receptors.

In addition, the beetle has a hard protective shell, which produces chemicals through which the potential predators can not come near. Most beetles do not live together in groups because they are insects.

If you see a bunch of different kinds of insects in your garden, you should not try to remove them. We must distinguish between beneficial and destructive species first. Thanks to beneficial insects, you will be able to keep your garden healthy.

▲ Beetles help to eradicate parasitic pests in the soil (Photo = © Pixnie)
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