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A recent study suggests that siblings or siblings have a significant impact on the child's emotions, personality development and behavior.

Small adult, first child

According to Kevin Lehman, psychologist of the UK, author of "The Secret of the Birth Order: Why You Are You," the firstborn generally has a high sense of accomplishment and a tendency to be recognized by parents and other adults. In addition, the first is to spend the most time with parents, so childhood behavior is similar to adults.

Children Prepare for Success

"The firstborn is more likely to succeed in his field," says Jeffrey Clugger, author of "Brothers and Sisters: The Bonding Between Brothers and Sisters." "The first kids have the idea that the center of the family is self, It will remain intact for a while. "

In an interview with Mt. Magazine, Cluer surveyed more than 1,000 CEOs and found that 43 percent were CEOs, and another survey found that 55 percent of the surveyed were organizers or founders of the company.

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Richard Branson, the British business tycoon, is the total number of the Virgin Group with more than 400 companies. He was also born first. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Space X Elon Musks are both CEOs. The New York Times quoted Career Builder, a job information website, saying that the firstborn is receiving a relatively high salary, and even intelligence is high.

The second has an innate artististic temperament.

Mary Wills, a child therapist, said middle-aged children often have extreme behaviors to attract others. In doing so, he makes constant efforts to find his identity. This is ultimately a positive effect.

"Intermediate children are generally aesthetically pleasing and artistic," Wallace said. "This is related to the tendency for the second person to like a unique space in the family."

He added, "The more self-defense tendency becomes clearer, especially the better the achievement of the first one." In addition, the second one likes to make people happy, and there is a lot of pacifists and a tendency to be familiar with social exchanges. "

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Relative to Wallace's comment on the second artistic aspect, Dr. Kluger insisted that the second child is like a puzzle. In other words, you will take all the actions of the youngest brother and the oldest brother to create your own sculpture. The second is that there is a talent that mixes the behavior of older brothers or older brothers.

Second children are more concerned with the relationship.

Researchers at Redland University in the United States have reported that middle-school children are more interested in deep relationships. This tendency affects when they become adults.

Most of the existing occupations have a profound effect on relationships with others, compromise, and networking. The second nature is that it gives a positive result to the business in this respect. They are also good at collaborating comfortably with others in their field of specialization.

In other words, the second is the owner of a good team player temperament. Celebrities include Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King Jr., Abrams Lincoln, and Madonna.

The youngest child has a social and extroverted temperament.

Dr. Lehman analyzed that most youngsters were outgoing and liked to hang out with people. The youngest babies usually grow up freely under the parents who have already raised their offspring.

"The youngest babies usually use their strengths to get what they want," Dr. Lehman said. "The youngest children are less confused by their parents than their older siblings, even if they do not follow the rules."

"For this reason, the youngest are so adventurous," he added. "The youngest child, unlike his older siblings or sisters, does not have to compete directly, but he does everything he can to get it."

On the other hand, twins can be an exception. "The twins do not follow the typical pattern of the birth order mentioned above," said Nancy Seagal. "Parents with twins tend to treat all children fairly and tend to distribute responsibilities equally." .

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