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Animation handling spiders is becoming a hot topic. The main character of the popular mollus is Lucas, a small spider, and this little furry is playing a popular role in the world through YouTube.

Lucas the Spider is an animator and visual effects worker, Joshua Slice, who worked at Disney Pixar and worked on blockbuster animations such as Jutopia and Big Hero.

"Before I made Spider-Lucas, I saw a cute little spider popping up on a green leaf on the Internet," Slice said in an interview. "I wondered how much other people would like spiders," he said. "My goal is to make people who are afraid of spiders to think that spiders are cute," he added. The popularity of Lucas is surprising to the producers, and it is an amazing reaction to the treatments that have been received by the eight legged predators.

▲ There is a pretty face and a rough face coexist in the nose spider (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

2-person production animation

Slice worked with BoredPanda on the project, designing, modeling, animating, lighting and rendering everything. If so, I think it is almost alone, but there is another person involved in the work. He is the niece of Slice and the voice of the spider Lucas. So this animation was made by two people. Slice named the spider after his niece named Lucas.

Spider Lucas first appeared on YouTube in November 2017. And almost five months later, the spider Lucas is getting an explosive response. The six videos so far have had 66 million views and more than 1.5 million subscribers want more spider Lucas animation.

The most demanded item is a product related to Gummy Lucas, 'Goodies'. Gamer Lucas fans want Lucas to print mugs, cushions and Lucas dolls. Lucy's YouTube channel now sells Lucas-printed T-shirts.

The biggest demand of the fans is that they want to make the short story, Gummy Lucas Animation, a feature. And this is going to be real soon.

▲ Spider spider has excellent spatial cognition ability (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Coming soon

Fresh TV, an animation studio headquartered in Toronto, Canada, has bought a license for Spider Lucas. Fresh TV producer Tom McGillis says he is glad to be able to work with slice and his cute spider character. "We are pleased to combine the ingenuity and expertise of our company with the talent of Slice," he added.

Fresh TV first sees the next step in Spider Lucas as a series and a diverse platform. Full-length animation is also expected to be released sometime.

After this announcement, Slice posted a new spider Lucas video on YouTube channel. The preview screen has spider Lucas and four lizards.

Slice said he created Lucas with inspiration from the jumping spider. Apart from the numerous eyes, legs, and hair of the spider, the behavior of the spider or spider is fairly cute. Here are the facts about the spider that we do not know.

1. Spider has a small amount of venom, but it is not harmful to humans. However, a person with a spider allergic reaction to the allergic reaction can be caused by sniffing the spider. The poison spider poison is only valid for creatures smaller than the spider itself.

2. The reason why the spider has such a name is because of its unique behavior. The male spider sprang up like a tap dance, attracting mating opponents.

3. The eye of the spider is also unique. Spider Lucas is characterized by two big eyes and two small eyes on both sides. In fact, there are actually eight eyes in the actual spider's spider, four eyes other than the one seen from the front are at the top of the head. As a result, a wide range of hunting spiders can be seen. According to Dahan Elias, an expert at the University of California at Berkeley, the view of a spider is equivalent to that of a vertebrate. Insects of very small size usually have such a wide field of view.

4. The spider's net is not intended to catch food. The nymph spider makes a net to rest while jumping.

5. There are many kinds of spiders. There are small, short legs and a plump hoarse spider, and slender, long-legged spider with body and legs.

6. The spider is a treasure of jumping. Because the body is small, the brain is small, but it has a very good understanding of the three-dimensional space and is similar to a large animal. Scientists experimented with a spider. I made a mini-obstacle course in the lab and let the spider go inside. The study, conducted in 2016, found that the nematode spider was hidden at the obstacle course at an overwhelming rate.

7. Among the spiders belonging to the common spider, there are species that eat other spiders.

If you are interested in watching the video of Spider Lucas, I want you to pay attention to the cute genius of the animator, the cute voice of the child, the quirky story, and the cute spider Lucas, inspired by the real spider.

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