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[Issue] The life of altruistic dogs, their memories of veterans


A dog is a lifelong companion and a helping hand. Especially in many fields. Even if it is war. Channing Tatum, a Hollywood star and dog breeder, told the story.

"Dog Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend"

Tatum recently organized a documentary on dog soldiers at the Veterans Day. This film unfolds the stories and memories Tatum and the production team shared with their military dogs.

Tatum, describing himself as a person who loves dogs extensively, said he hoped the audience would be deeply grateful for the wonderful friendship between the dogs and soldiers introduced in the documentary. That's why he took a documentary.

Tatum also explained that while people tend to regard soldiers as machines for killing enemies on the battlefield, the years of experience they have made have made it possible for them and the production team to go into the spirit and mind of soldiers a little deeper. This film makes it possible for the military to sympathize with even the weakest soldiers, without losing sight of the weaknesses that guard dogs protect themselves in a tough war.

Deborah Scranton, who directed the film, portrayed Layka, Mika and Pepper, who acted as dogs. The film also revealed how dogs were trained and deployed. They were sometimes disarmed and emotional support for the soldiers in a terrible environment. Interviews with war veterans at the time of the battle scene show how they endured their bondage, separation, trauma and death.

Scranton said he hoped the sympathy, respect, and love the film would convey to the audience. Tatum also emphasized that the bonds between humans and animals are as deep and precious as those of humans.

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One of the stories revealed on the film is Dave Nielsen and Pepper, former Delta Force Operators. Nielsen praised Pepper as the best warrior in his letter to Pepper. Nielsen also released a box containing memories of Pepper. This box was filled with papper snapshots as well as napkins that contained Pepper 's diets, maps of missing places at the time, and other small and precious things that usually accompanied Pepper.

Nielsen said the fact that he had lost Pepper continues to follow him to this day, he said, recalling the last moment he searched the enemies who were hiding near the Tigris River. He was crazy looking for Pepper, including a helicopter with his colleagues, but said the rescue work had been stopped, but he never intended to give up his friendship and love with Pepper. He added that he learned a lesson from Pepper about the altruistic and saving lives.

There is also the story of Donovan Hunter with another dog, Nuke. Hunter said Nuke was a great friend who helped him stay healthy after he retired. He recalled that he had to train his body to catch up with Nuke's fast speed, and that he was first class.

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