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[Parenting] Teach musical instruments if you want to be smart and creative children

Source: Pixar Bay

Guitar is one of the relatively easy to learn instruments. I started with the basic code but soon I will be able to play my favorite pop songs using chords. The most exciting thing is that you can write your own songs one day. But besides being a great musician in the future, learning musical instruments has many remarkable advantages.

Classic FM has said that "playing instruments can make you smarter." According to studies on the relationship between musical instrument training and academic performance, learning musical instruments has the effect of stimulating the brain. Brain function such as memory or reasoning technique is improved. This is especially useful for learning math and science.

It also provides a good means of relieving stress. Classic FM said, "Instrumental performance has a unique effect on emotions and has been shown to lower heart rate and blood pressure." Psychologist Jane Collingwood explained that "slow classical music" is the most effective way to relax your body and mind. In addition, you can lower your pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormone levels.

Playing musical instruments also helps to improve confidence. The more you become proficient in a musical instrument, the more comfortable you are with your expression. In particular, children need to start playing music teachers and parents, and to experience playing in front of many people. Classic FM wrote in an article, "Out of school environment and presenting your work to the public is a good way to foster a child's confidence."

In addition, creativity can be developed. When you are engaged in the performance before the presentation, follow all notes of the score. But eventually the music depends on the person who plays it. The feelings associated with the work are under the control of the performer, which is where creativity intervenes. Classic FM said, "Instruments are a good way to express a person's unique mood and personality."

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