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Diseases that puppies most commonly take are skin diseases. The cause of dog skin disease varies from insect bites to infections. Dogs can easily identify whether they have a skin disease by scratching, over-licking, or showing signs of discomfort. And most of the skin diseases that are mainly caused by people also occur in dogs.

According to Science Daily, puppy's skin disease types vary from acute to chronic. It is usually caused by a deficiency of immune system function, and infectious skin diseases can be classified as infectious and non-infectious. Infectious skin infections include parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viral skin diseases.

Allergic dermatitis

Dogs can be allergic to certain products like grooming products and environmental stimuli such as food, pollen or insect bites. Dogs, like humans, are constantly scratched or rashes when they are allergic. Allergies caused by environmental stimuli can cause skin reactions through touching or breathing. Food-induced allergies are difficult to pinpoint, but can be controlled by diet control. The most common allergies that puppies can catch are flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), an allergic reaction to flea saliva. When a dog with flea allergy is infected with flea saliva, the skin is reddish and inflamed.

Fungal infection

Dogs infected with fungi can not stop rubbing their ears, licking their feet, or braking. This infectious disease mainly occurs in the feet or ears, where the fungus can grow. Fungal infections are noninfectious skin conditions and can be easily treated. It can diagnose quickly and react quickly to treatments. In some cases, however, the veterinarian may prescribe oral remedies and bath therapies to solve the problem.


It is a bacterial infection that predominantly involves puppies. The impetigo is the spread of blisters filled with pus. The impetigo is mainly present in the hairless abdomen. This infectious disease is not severe and can easily be treated with topical solutions. However, some of them continue to spread throughout the body until they become adult dogs.


It can also be called oily skin, which can lead to dandruff. Boring is a hereditary factor that can occur in dogs for a lifetime or can be caused by allergies or hormone imbalances. Boring can occur when the puppy's skin is kept in the oily state and can cause dandruff. But it can get bored by complications from other health problems like allergies or hormone imbalances. In this case, treatment is needed to prevent recurrence.


It is a skin disease caused by fungal infections. Ringworm can occur in all parts of the dog, but it usually occurs in head, foot, ear, forelimb. The skin develops inflammation and scaly lesions, which can also spread to humans. Because this disease is very contagious, it must be treated immediately to avoid spreading to other pets or humans to raise together. Especially puppies less than one year old are vulnerable. Veterinarians prescribe antimicrobial agents mainly for the treatment of this disease.

Tip granuloma

It is also known as eczematous dermatitis. Puppy licking a specific area such as legs or feet excessively causes injury by itself, resulting in hair loss, erythema and even open wound. The disease may be impossible to treat because the puppy licks the same area. Obsessive licking is an anxiety-related behavior and is caused by boredom, separation anxiety, lack of sociability, and other stress. The disease can start by stopping licking behavior, and the veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics to stop the dog from self-harm.

Most skin diseases are not an emergency, but it is important to solve the problem with accurate diagnosis. Skin diseases are easily diagnosed when diagnosed correctly. But before that, it is necessary to keep the hygiene condition of dog and dog environment thoroughly.

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