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If you are a cats guardian, you will hear meow every day. Is it true that wild cats do not play this sound that represents the cry of a cat?

It is true. There are only four types of cats and animals, including European wild cats, African wild cats, and Kalakal and South American speckled lynxes, which make noises in addition to domestic cats. So why only cats living with humans make sounds? From now on, let's find out all about the cats mowing.

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5 patterns to learn to communicate with cats

According to the research team analyzing the cat's mowing, the sound of the house cat was developed to communicate with people. The researchers analyzed how many meats there were for American cats and found that 535 sounds appeared as five distinct features. One of them is the sound of communication about food.

But some cats do not just demand food by sound. Sometimes this is communicated by actions such as rubbing the head on the ankle of a person or setting the tail in the air. According to one media, these cats think their caregivers are cats and believe they will notice that they are demanding food without making a sound.

According to data analyzed by Cornell University's research team, the sound of a food request is one of the five unique characteristics of cats, and the other four are: ▲ a voice asking for help, ▲ a voice for fighting, And the sound from fear.

There are some cats that make long noises like yodeling, for example, if they are downstairs and their guardians are upstairs, they are trying to communicate long distance. In addition, there are cats that make a loud noise like a whisper.

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Other sounds

The rattling sound is the low, repetitive sound of a cat. When making this sound, a small vibration occurs in the cat body. Clear principles have not yet been clarified, but at present it is believed that the larynx and diaphragm muscles vibrate when a specific signal is sent from the brain.

Like the meow, the cats sound differently. Some cats play at highs, but some cats play very low and quiet. Some scholars have explained that cats can heal themselves by using the frequency of vibrations as they grow with bone growth, pain relief, or as a sort of healing aid for wound healing.

In addition, there are cats that make a high and low trill sound. This sound is halfway between meow and charrang, and it is the kind of greetings you greet.

Communicating with your cat

The researchers also experimented with interpreting cat sounds, asking people to hear the cries of isolated cats and ask them what they say. Research shows that people who know cats correctly receive messages from cats. They also compared the sound of house cats with the sounds of African wild cats, and it has been confirmed that the sound of house cats tends to sound better for humans.

The amount of meowing was also different depending on cat breeds. For example, varieties derived from orientals such as Siamese cats were more common. Also, some varieties seemed to hear more of their own voices, and conversely some cat varieties wanted to talk more with their caregivers.

The cat's meow sounds are usually signals that show the caregiver's attention, demanding food, or being lonely or stressed. Of course, even when my body is sick, it makes meow.

Protectors should pay more attention to the sound of their cats and to check for other problems. If you can not understand these sounds, you can not communicate properly because the toilets do not reach you, or they are trapped in the room, or the water bowl is empty or you are making a sound for a small reason. It should be noted that this lack of communication can lead to violent behavior such as hitting or shouting a cat in severe cases.

But there is no need to react to meowing too often. If a cat makes a loud noise and keeps getting what it wants, the cat can make a louder sound when it does not get what it wants. It is important to train the cat to know that it is rewarded when the cat makes a small sound and that the big sound is ignored.

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