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The number of wild cats, so-called hunters, is increasing each year. Many people are interested in cats and adopt them, but on the other hand, it is time to pay attention to why cats are left on the road. According to the Pet Society of Population Research and Policy Council (NCPPSP), there are more than 7,000 wandering cats in the United States alone. And 70% of cats who enter the US animal shelter each year are euthanized. Globally, these numbers will increase exponentially.

Unlike dogs, there are few laws protecting cats. That is why the number of wandering cats is increasing with time. Wandering cats need people's love and affection as well as food and water.

Wandering cats vs. Wild cat

People have a lot of misconceptions about wild cats and wild cats, and they do not know the difference between the two.

Wandering cats are hanging out with people or maintaining relationships with people. This is because they have been abandoned in their homes or have not found their homes after leaving their homes. The wandering cats were once pets and enjoyed living with people in a comfortable environment. However, as time goes on, the relationship with humans decreases, and it is possible that it will turn into a wild cat. However, a crawling cat is likely to become a cat again if it is re-adopted into a new family.

On the other hand, wild cats have never been in contact with people. Because I live by myself, I can not enjoy the space where people live. Wild cats hide their bodies and keep people from approaching. Even if you try the socialization process for a long time, you fear and avoid people.

It can be difficult to distinguish between crawling cats and wild cats if they are both intimidated or trapped. At this time, the two cats can be distinguished by observation through socialization process.

The reason for the wandering cat

You can see the wandering cat roaming the street or looking for food in the trash can. These wandering cats are exposed to malnutrition and various diseases. People who have been irresponsibly adopted without a sense of responsibility are also one of the factors that increase the number of wild cats. And some of the wandering cats are born on the streets and eventually die of starvation or disease.

The number of cats euthanasia is increasing because animal protection groups are not doing enough research to protect cats that are in need. Moreover, since the number of animals coming into animal shelters is increasing, it is only a matter of security to prepare them to protect them.

However, there are people who are interested in protecting and catering to wild cats, and animal protection organizations worldwide are advocating the protection of wild cats. In addition, there are some people who care about wandering cats and want to consider and protect adoption.

How to Protect a Wandering Cat

Cats tend to roam and go out of the house and get lost and become cats. There are several ways you can do this when you meet a wandering cat like this.

• If you find a cat on the street, you should make sure it is a wild cat or wild cat. It can be tricky to distinguish between the two types, but usually the wandering cats are well groomed and tender to people. But cats who are lost or abandoned are terrified.

According to the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), it is possible to distinguish two cats when they are placed indoors or in cages. Unlike wild cats, wandering cats are cooperative and do not resist. Therefore, we recommend trap-neuter-return (TNR), a way to manage and protect these cats.

• You should ask yourself if you are willing to take care of these animals. If you want to adopt a wandering cat, you must consider several factors. The most important thing is to protect and manage the cats.

• You must lock your wandering cat. You can not guarantee safety when you meet a crawling cat. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the inside of the barrier wall by using collar or clothes.

• The next step is to feed. Feeding is the best way to calm cats because most of the cats are hungry. At this time, you should not try to touch it. It is because I am still frightened.

• Wandering cats must have a medical checkup. You should then check that the microchip is implanted. And if you have a built-in microchip, you can find the real owner.

• Provide space. We must provide food and water as well as a temporary space for the wandering cat.

Wandering cats need people to nurture with care and nesting. The fact that the number of cats on the streets increases is a clear indication of how people treat cats. If you happen to encounter a cat on the street, let's recall the methods mentioned above.

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