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The entertainment industry has grown over the last few decades with drastic changes. TV shows, video games, and online games have been developed as a part of everyday life. Especially in the case of video games, as the age of the user is lowered and the usage time is increased, various side effects and harmful effects occur. Here are some guidelines and game addiction that parents should know about children who play video games.

Health hazard of video game

Video games are being developed primarily for positive benefits such as education, physical activity and the development of children's skills. To give children the ability and the patience to solve problems themselves in difficult situations, so that they can cooperate and cooperate in strategies. However, of course, this is a positive aspect. It is important that parents always watch their children carefully, especially if they are not spending more and more time on the Internet or playing video games.

Most importantly, the child observes the mental and psychological functions seen in club activities with home, school, and friends. Some video games use attractive features that children can not refuse to induce them to play more games than they originally wanted. There are a few things parents can notice these signs.

First, whether or not your child's life and routine appears to be dominated by video games. Or talk only about video games, and your mind may be full of video games. In this case, the social interaction of the child can be greatly affected. Other activities, such as hobbies that he enjoyed before, are now away from interest, and related human relationships can also be undermined. Also, if parents try to prevent them from playing video games, the child may soon become angry and depressed or aggressive.

Parents should be able to pay close attention to ensuring that their children enjoy playing video games, and that they can always spend their leisure time in safe situations.

Children's video game addiction

Video games are a phenomenon found almost everywhere. No longer do people stay in an arcade machine in the game room to enjoy the game. Because they can play games whenever they want, at home, at school, or outside. And it started to attract children by making the addiction phenomenon of video game.

It is important to know well what video game addiction is. Michael Brody, a psychiatrist, presented some criteria for addiction. It means that you need more and more substances or actions to keep yourself right. And if you do not get more of the substance or behavior, it can cause irritation or anger, for example, when the parent steals the computer to prevent it from playing, or refuses to cry or eat.

In this context, there are several reasons why video games can be addictive to children. First, these games are attractive and visually stimulating, targeting the natural interests of children and adolescents. And in this fascinating virtual world, children can become a very exciting and powerful virtual identity, a virtual experience that is impossible in reality. If you are immersed in this world, then the next thing is to spend more and more time on the game. Children who are addicted to the game usually spend about 10 hours a week.

Other signs of game addiction that can be found through your child include:

1. Obsession with video games: As you become more involved in your favorite video games, you can gradually develop into addiction. Even if you do not play video games, you can be filled with the content of your game. And most of the time I only talk about games, but I neglect my responsibilities for study or housework. And no more time with the children around.

2. No interest in other activities: Because video games are slowly taking over the life of a child, children may lose interest in other sports or other activities and hobbies. Eventually, it results in ignoring the study and the things to do.

3. Irritability and anxiety, depression: When you stop a video game on the way, it can be irritable, anxious, and depressing. And as I find a way to play again, I lose my concentration.

4. Video games as a countermeasure: Children who have difficulty in daily life may use video games as a countermeasure. This is because you can create a comfortable and controlled atmosphere when you play. This is more common in children who are currently isolated, socially awkward, and / or inappropriate behaviors. When playing games, they are confident and have no difficulty interacting with others.

Create healthy habits

With regard to all these issues, parents should be careful to keep their children engaged in video games so that they do not harm their health. Domestic medicine doctors Kamila J. Menez and Celeste Berekoechea emphasized that it is important to make healthy habits of children. Provide an alternative to make your child physically and mentally active. As a result, it is important to encourage physical activity to be healthy habits and to be able to participate in daily routines.

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