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If someone had traveled with a dog on a car trip, they would have had to face their dogs out of their car windows at least once

We thought the puppy was just out of the window to drink fresh air. Some experts explain that there are other reasons.

Reasons for habitual head

Joan Morris, a reporter for The Mercury News, says he feels calm every time Chihuahua, a puppy, lifts his head out the window. Morris also added that dogs sometimes enjoy getting out of the house and enjoying the habit of getting out of the window.

Experts have not yet figured out what the real reason for dogs habitually head out of the window. But it is clear that dogs are curious animals who know what is happening beyond the window.

Reason to stick

Regardless of the type of dog, dogs always tend to stick their heads out for three reasons:

1. Outdoors - Cats and dogs do not face each other, but they usually spend time in the house, so their only commonality is that they are full of curiosity. In particular, dogs take on new experiences, from the behavior of their masters to the sight of the cows in the countryside.

2. Airing - Dogs, like humans, can enjoy a cool natural wind. The in-vehicle air conditioner can never replace the wind blowing in nature.

3. Scenting - Even if the car rides at an average speed of 55 mph (miles) per hour, the dogs can collect a variety of information about the composition of a particular object through their smell. Specially developed olfactory functions make dogs the perfect partner for hunters, police, and soldiers. So if you bring a puppy to a certain place like the sea, you will be able to savor the various smells you have not experienced

Causes of Dogs Heading

One of the reasons that dogs habitually head out of the window is to smell it.

'K9 magazine' states that dogs can distinguish objects using two different olfactory systems, and that smelling is important to them. The first organ is the nose, which consists of large amounts of tissue known as the olfactory epithelium, and is full of olfactory receptors.

Odor molecules remain in the millions of olfactory receptors as the air moves over the tissue. Dogs can detect more odors due to the amount of air flow being absorbed. The olfactory function of the dogs is further enhanced when the air flows quickly.

Another olfactory organ is in the mouth and is called the "Jacobson organ". This institution has the ability to take on and understand various odors.

Dogs were amazed by the ability to accurately distinguish the differences in chemical properties.

Another reason for dogs to give their heads is because they are more susceptible to smells than humans.

According to a number of comparative studies, dogs can identify certain organic chemicals with a concentration of 100 times less than humans. Some breeds have also proven that olfactory ability may improve.

According to some controlled studies, dogs can detect the smell of humans on glass slides with fingerprints. The glass slides used in the study were either left outdoors for up to two weeks or left indoors for up to one month.

The dogs succeeded in finding out what the person was holding for less than 5 seconds out of the six seemingly similar steel columns.

Best of all, dogs were able to distinguish who was wearing what they were wearing when two identical twins at different menus ate their clothes.

These talents, especially the ability to discern the smell, become possible through continuous education.

The 10 breeds that have developed olfactory function are as follows.

1. Bloodhound

2. Basset Hound

3. Beagle

4. German Shepherd

5. Labrador Retriever

6. Belliang Malinua

7. Blue Chicken Cohn Hound

8. Black And Tan Coon Hound

9. Golden retriever

10. Dachshund

Things to watch out for

It may seem like a picture of a puppy with its head out of the window, but it is quite dangerous to let dogs fall into this habit. Dogs react sensitively to various situations.

First of all, an over-excited dog is likely to fall off or jump out of a fast-moving car, risking serious injury or death.

In addition, the dogs that open their heads face a variety of objects that stimulate their eyes, nose, and mouth for a minute from the stone to the insect

These results are more likely to occur, especially when the ears are severely shaken by the wind. Cold winds can adversely affect the puppy's lungs.

To reduce this risk, you must secure your puppy by lifting the open window up slightly.

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