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▲ The blue sat on the branches (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

In the fall, there are birds buried acorns on the ground. In winter, these birds come back and harvest the acorns they bury.

Of course, I do not like acorns. They are omnivorous, eating acorns and seeds, as well as beetles and wasps, and other small insects and animals. The fact that small animals include lizards.

The biggest feature is the ability to emulate and imitate a large variety of sounds. You can hear the sound of them walking in the woods, but when you hear the sound, they mistake it as if the birds are flying.

She has a shy temperament, but her voices are wild, and she loves acorns.

▲ Eurasian equivalent (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Blue Jays

There are five types of crows, such as crows, jackals, crows, shepherds, and magpies.

Among these, crows are the largest and crows are the smallest. It is characterized by having the most colorful colors.

The black beak is also strong enough to break hard acorns easily. The feathers are in various colors and can give more than one of the colors of black, blue, green, brown, and gray.

The size of female and male is usually about 30 ~ 35cm, weight is about 100 ~ 190g. Wings width is about 44 ~ 58cm.

It is also famous for its good memory. According to psychologist Ari Watanabe of Cambridge University in the UK, the western scrub jay has the ability to recall and remember past events. This is a behavior that shows the special ability of the acorns in the fall, which comes in search of winter.

Other than that, it is usually described as a shy temperament, but at the same time it is portrayed as dogmatic and self-assertive. Habitat generally tends to live more in deciduous forests because of the preference of acorns and oak nuts for coniferous forests and deciduous forests.

Other deciduous broad-leaved trees, including oak trees, such as aspen, birch, cherry, elm, and maple, grow widely in these deciduous forests, scattering leaves in all directions in autumn and winter, Grows again. On the other hand, cedar, juniper, pine, American cedar, and noticeable trees, which grow in coniferous forests, do not show the characteristic of falling leaves at one time. At present, there are about 40 species inhabited on the earth.

▲ Stella Achi (Source: Pixar Bay)

Cry of blue

Among these, the blue character has various kinds of sounds. It even mimics the sound of other feathered animals.

Usually it sounds like 'jay' as it is in English. In short, it sounds like "Jay" or "Jay-i". According to Julie Kraves of the Michigan-Dearborn-River Algae Observatory, the sound of jay is close to a creaky moon, a gurgling water, or a crunching sound.

Hawk's voice is excited every time he gets excited. According to the sensory ecology site, he is actually liking to mimic the sounds of red-shouldered buzzards and red-tailed buzzards. She adds that the blue tongue makes a clicking noise from the larynx, especially at low bass, when it mates with other tongues, when it finds food, or when it makes its nest.

According to Hinterland Hughes, a Canadian wildlife website, you can also create sounds like "thief," "jay," and "peer." Sounds like a soft whistle or "kloo-loo-loo". This sound is the sound that a male wooing. He classified these sounds into five categories.

1. Boo: Sounds rough and pretty loud, but harmony is characterized by abundance.

2. Whistle: It is a clear whistle sound like a melody.

3. Courtship: A tingling sound is heard from the soft larynx.

4. Swinging: With a sharp clicking sound, only the female.

5. Others: It differs from object to object in 4 different sounds.

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