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Cats often do things that people can not understand. They run around with tremendous force in the middle of the night, or they keep looking at places where there is nothing. It also attacks all moving objects. If you are the first to raise a cat, you will be amazed at all this behavior. Even more surprising is the fact that cats, like humans, change their farts.

Beginner pet owners are very surprised that animals turn farts like humans, but experts say this is a natural phenomenon. But too frequent farts can be an indicator of a cat's health status. If a cat changes farts too often, you should suspect excessive fiber intake, indigestion, too fast food intake, and high food intake. More seriously, it can be a cause of digestive system-related diseases, malabsorption, parasites, viral infections, stomach cancer, and ileus.

A cat called Guider has had frequent farts with diarrhea for several weeks. Guider's owner took Guider to the vet, and as a result, Guider was infected with parasites. This parasite was a kind of giardia that could be transmitted to humans. Fortunately, Guider recovered soon after healing.

Source: Pixar Bay

Because cats are predators, they can not digest soy, corn, peas, and carbohydrates well. So if you have a lot of these ingredients in cats' feeds or snacks, cats will respond to abdominal distension, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, and excessive salivation.

Guider showed symptoms such as excessive farts, diarrhea, and stools with strange smells.

If the cat is excessively farted, or if the smell of farts and feces is different or even worse than usual, try the following:

1. Change the cat's food. Cats can cause constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, etc., if the feed to the cat crab or the snack has too much fiber. Thus changing to a low fiber diet. Cats should also be fed with foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Chicken liver and salmon are good.

2. Do not give dairy products. Many cartoons and animations give cats milk, but in fact cats have diarrhea because they have lactose intolerance. Therefore, you should not give milk to cats. If you want cats to give milk, give them milk that is sold exclusively for cats.

3. Have your cat eat a little, often. One of the causes of indigestion in cats is that cats eat too much food. Therefore, if the cats are strong in their diet, give them food or snacks often.

4. Have your cat have your own rice bowl. If you have multiple cats, try to use different rice bowls to feed each cats in separate places. That way, you can quickly identify the cause of problems with cats.

5. Prevent cats from accessing garbage cans. When a cat eats something that is not corrupt or food, it can suffer from a variety of diseases and problems. Therefore, the cat should not be allowed to access the trash cans.

6. Increase momentum. As well as people, cats also have to exercise and move the body to promote digestion. If a cat lays down all day, it will often fart. Buy a new toy for the cat and let the cat move a lot.

If the cat has been infected with parasites, be careful when clearing the cat litter to prevent it from moving to humans. Always wear rubber gloves and throw away cat's stool safely. After cleaning the cat toilet, wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap.

Also regularly disinfects and cleans cat litter. There may be a germ that threatens the health of the cat in the cat toilet.

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