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[Parenting] Your child’s cavity treatment, what to do? ‘Take your child’s dentist’

Source: Pixar Bay

Young children like sweet snacks. But parents know that cookies cause tooth decay and tooth decay. If your child has cavities, you should bring them to the dentist. But as is often the case, children are afraid of going to the dentist.

"Delaying dental care causes a serious illness that affects children and adolescents' speaking, eating, play and socialization," said Isseck Combe, chairman of the regional group welfare committee. Here are ways to help your child feel more comfortable with dental treatment.

Ben Atkins, clinical director and dentist at Revive Dental Care, suggests that parents should naturally accompany their children when going to the dentist. Also, you should teach proper brushing from a young age. Atkins says, "We should take this polish as a natural routine. Educate students to brush their teeth before going to bed and at least once a day. It is necessary to supervise the child's brushing until he is 7 years old. "

Parents should act as role models. Some children learn fear when they see their parents fear dental care. Do not tell your parents about their bad experiences before taking your child to the dentist. In addition, by making advance reservations for dental care, children will be aware of the treatment and anticipate what will happen. Your child will quickly notice that their parents are nervous.

After your dental treatment, you provide your child with certain rewards and comfort. If you bring your favorite toy or book, you can feel more comfortable in the waiting room. It is also a way to alleviate tension by using music. "When you get treatment, you pay for it, but you do not have snacks," Atkins said. I recommend a way to buy a picnic or a new book. "

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