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▲ Indian Shawl Parrot is easy to be mistaken for a parakeet with long, beautiful tail and moderate size (Source: Pixar Bay)

More and more protesters are taking pets as non-cats and dogs. Parrot species that can communicate well with people and follow words are popular. Here is a new popular parrot. It is the Indian shawl parrot, not only in appearance, but also in modest size and human language imitations.

Indian Shawl Parrot

Shawl parrot is native to India and its average size is about 40cm from head to tail feathers. Life span is about 30 years, but it is reported that some have survived more than 50 years.

▲ Indian shawl parrot sits on a tree (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

The colors range from bright yellow to green, blue, and albino. In the case of the wild, it is characterized by a greenishness as a whole except for the teal light of the tail feathers. It is often said that there are many misunderstandings as a long, beautiful tail and medium-sized parakeet.

Sex is classified according to color and body markings. In normal males, the beak is deep red, with black markings on the face and three colored bands around the neck. On the other hand, females do not have markers or bands on the face and neck, and the color around neck is a little dark.

This bird has not been very friendly for many years, but it is considered to be decorative only because of its cool and solid temperament. Recently, it has emerged with a reputation for being able to express affection and interest. It can be trained while interacting with humans through socialization process.


If you say that it is the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other birds, it is that you like to talk. Besides, I had a very comical voice that was so loud that anyone would hear it. Especially in India, it is considered sacred by the ability to recite prayers in the local chapel gardens.

If you train properly, you can use up to 250 human vocabularies. As mentioned, the voices are so big and so high that they can feel like screaming.

▲ Shark Parrot enjoys talking and can learn up to 250 vocabulary (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Raising a shawl

Just be bored easily, and if you are alone, special care is required because it can show destructive behavior such as chewing other things. Young birds before becoming adults also show behaviors in human puberty, such as refusing to interact with their guardians, breathing, chewing, or pinching. This so-called 'bluffing' behavior can occur suddenly between four months and a year. This is because of hormonal changes, and it is also the time when interaction and interaction with other pets and humans begin. The guardian regards this time as a rite of passage through the birds, and does not need to worry too much or that there will be problems. However, it is good to have patience and patience and help the bird to interact well.

It is not desirable to have a shawl parrot only in a cage. This can cause birds to turn introverted and cause antisocial behavior. Because this bird is very active, it is good to give enough space to keep winging and spreading secure.

Also, for any reason, making a loud noise is not good because it can make the new perceive negative. It is of course forbidden to physically punish a bird for wrongful action. At the time of bluffing, birds may ask for carers. If you suddenly pull your hand at this time, you may be more vulnerable to strong beaks, so keep calm and push the birds gently. The bird then knows for himself that there is nothing to gain from this action. It is helpful to have accessories in chewing toys or cages.

The wild shrub parrots feed on fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds. When you raise it at home, you should also provide such a balanced diet. As with other birds, the remaining food and water must be immediately emptied, washed and replenished to prevent bacterial growth and the risk of infection.

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