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The children who seemed to remain only as a child forever will find their new friends while they go to school and fill their own lives with social life. Then he goes to college for his dreams and begins full independence from his parents.

At this time, it is necessary for parents to recognize that a space called a university is a completely different environment from the way the existing child has gone through it. First of all, universities are very different from elementary and middle schools. It is important to be able to help your child make the right choices by giving advice to his children, from deciding on college to university life.

New Life, University

On average, about 70% of high school graduates choose to go on to college at a later stage. This often leads to feelings of anxiety in the face of a new environment that has nothing to do with background, college choice, and academic preparation. A study focusing on freshmen showed that there are quite a few students in transition who are entering college in high school, who do not adjust well. For example, only 75 percent of students enrolled in a four-year college went to the second year, and more than half of the two-year programs were successful.

Such a college entrance does not mean that all students are well adapted to the school life and the curriculum. It can also be stressful for parents. I want my children to be independent and self-reliant and live their own problems, but not all of them. Another survey found that 63% of emotionally disturbed students are still receiving parental support.

Influence of college life

Parents should be constantly communicating with their new-born children and still feel that they are loving their child and ready to help at any time. In the studies mentioned above, it has been observed that students tend to feel burden and pressure on everything they need to do, such as carrying out tasks and maintaining good grades. There is no need to say that life in high school is very different. Parents are encouraged to teach their children to manage their daily tasks properly.

In addition, 66 percent of freshmen miss homes and suffer from homesickness or loneliness. Unfamiliar and totally new atmosphere and college culture cause relatively old friends and loved ones to be lost. And because you have to start everything at a new stage you do not know anything, you may feel more frustrated if you have a strong connection with your family. At this time, it is wise for parents to communicate with their children, to comfort them, and to listen to them.

The right social life in college is hard for them. Various parties and events are perceived as the most common activity for free activities, but if you know that you are not around to discuss, this social life can be a challenge. In addition, time management can be difficult. This is also why parents should teach time management skills early on in advance.

How to help your child

Parents can play the most important role in high school students' transition to college. To induce experience so that a child can grow out of his or her parents independently. And you have to make sure that your child feels that they trust him or her, for example, to help the child solve the situation on his own or to think that he is talented and motivated.

Learning to recognize what is right and wrong with your child can be a great help. Otherwise, the stress of college life eventually leads to loneliness and depression, which can cause serious problems such as suicide, drugs and sexual violence.

In conclusion, parents should constantly talk to their child and ask about their feelings. This can relieve the child's stress and anxiety somewhat. In this regard, I introduce some things you should know before going to university.

1. Everyone is nervous: Entering a college brings anxiety and tension to everyone. That is, meeting children of your age who are not sure about yourself and do not know what you will experience. It is a good idea to convince your child that this feeling is not solely on your own as you share your experiences on the first day of college or on the first day of work.

2. The importance of regular daily life: It should be able to teach children the nature of having a systematic schedule and everyday life. It is desirable to help your child by keeping track of every task, study, requirement, and social activity.

3. Being Comfortable Alone: ​​It's great to make friends in college, but it is also necessary to develop the ability to get comfort and comfort on your own. A friend can not always be there for himself. Being accustomed to yourself can be a great help in overcoming even more challenging challenges in the future.

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