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A child is all new, wondrous and curious about the surrounding environment. For better or worse, continue to explore and ask questions. It is the role of the parents to make it as easy as possible to explain the various complexities of life.

Children always have a lot of questions. Some of them are the questions that have been observed by observing family members and others. When a child wonders what, why, and how it occurs, you should not just let it be wondered.

It is one of the parents' important roles to answer children's questions as thoroughly as possible or to find the answers. If parents do not let them know, they may accept false knowledge as fact, or they may be hurt by an unpleasant experience and learn the answer.

I wonder everything that is small when I am a child. You might ask, "How do I make cookies?" Sometimes I ask my parents, "How do you look?" But it is not desirable to wait until the child asks. It is the role of the parent to prepare the child to be able to build up an understanding of sex from a young age.

You should also talk to them about these topics in an open-minded manner and be the first to come to them when they have questions or concerns.

Maybe you think you are too young to talk about 'that' yet. But what many parents are overlooking is that the child in front of him is going to puberty only four to six years later. At this time, the child must worry and solve the complicated problems that parents did not teach alone.

Talk about sexual topics, how to get it out

When you talk with your child, you may be able to talk about sex. It is a sensible decision that parents tell stories rather than letting their children find out about them on the Internet.

Of course, timing is also important. It is good to have a conversation when the moment comes to educate your child about sexuality or relationship, such as when sexual acts appear on movies or TV.

We also need to be aware of the limitations and provide only enough information for the child to accept. At first, we provide very basic and basic information, and only talk about what the child can accept and absorb, but if the child's understanding of time and gender expands, we will expand the horizon of dialogue It is good.

The website 'Pop Sugar' says that frank conversations about sex can teach kids what is important. The more open the child is to this topic, the more it breaks the wall between the parent and the child, and the child also feels comfortable talking with the parent. Not only when I was younger but also when I became adolescents.

Health News Magazine Health News has released a list of behaviors and actions that should not be done when talking about sex with their children. Before you start a conversation, make sure you are properly set up from your own values ​​about sex. The manner in which parents see or talk about sex affects the perception that a child has about the subject.

So, what is the best age to start a conversation about sex? Experts recommend around 5 years. It is not necessary to start bending until puberty, but it is necessary to explain the change of body that occurs when the child becomes a puberty before coming.

Parents should be able to answer the child's questions and be able to find them immediately when they have questions. It is important that the theme of sex is accessible in a relaxed and open manner. Through this, the child becomes more trusting in the parents, recognizing that sexual interest is a natural phenomenon and part of life.

If the child grows up, he or she can also talk about the responsibility to be able to comply with sexual intercourse, as well as sexual self-determination. Sexual intercourse should be explained specifically with whom, with what kind of behavior, and with what kind of risk.

"We have to understand that there is liability for sexual intercourse," he said. "We also have to tell them that we should not be forced by someone else 's coercion," said Laura Berman, an obstetrician at Northwestern University.

The website "Psychology Today" explains why such a conversation is important. "Children who set values ​​through dialogue with their parents at a young age will have a better understanding of sex even in adolescence," and " They can make decisions for themselves. "

The children grow up and bloom like flowers. Children who are all first in the world are just curious and want to know about sex, just like everything else. Your role as a parent is to reinforce the foundation so that the child can establish values. So that you can become adults later, solve problems yourself, and find answers.

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