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[Parenting] A study found that singles live better than couples.

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

A single study has shown that it lives better than a couple.

Many people have a negative perception of singles living alone.

But last year, Belle DePaulo found more than 800 studies on single and couples.

De Paolo realized that other studies proved the merits of singles.

Singles are stronger in social relations than married people.

Natalia Sakijian and Naomi Gustel are social scientists who have studied married people and their family, friends and neighbors.

A survey of 13,000 men and women between the ages of 18-64 found that singles often had physical activity for a week.

Singles also got more active and more receptive to helping people around them.

Even if other factors such as race, sex, and economic status were included, the results did not change. Singles were more physically healthier than couples or married people.

In addition, according to a 2015 study in the journal Social Science & Medicine, singles in nine European countries showed a lower BMI than married people.

The weight of the married people was about 2.6kg heavier than the single, and the single had more opportunities to develop as an individual.

Other research shows that 1,000 singles are more likely to experience personal growth than 3,000 married.

When asked in the survey, the singles agreed that life is a continuous process for learning, growth and change.

And they said that they need constant new experiences to challenge the view of the world and themselves.

Meanwhile, research has shown that men become less lenient after marriage.

According to a survey of Americans from 1987 to 1992, a married person during this period spent less than $ 1,875 on a friend than on a single occasion.

Divorced men reported that they spent $ 1,275 more than when they married, but spent $ 1,050 on remarriage.

But it was not for women.

People who live alone value their time alone and get more than married during this time.

According to psych therapist Amy Morin, the time we pour into ourselves does not mean we are lonely.

"If you use your time alone, you can be a key to getting to know yourself better," Maurin added.

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