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It is the suffering of all parents that feeds tasteless, but healthy, food on the basis of the children's taste buds. Most children's favorite foods are sugar-rich desserts and snacks, and parents should be able to properly manage their children to avoid excessive sugar intake. Sweets and snacks with excessive sugar can affect both physical and mental aspects of growing children.

Sugar and hyperactivity

You may have heard the story that if a child eats a lot of candy, he or she may be overactive because of a great passion. In fact, in 1973, Dr. Ben F. Payne Gold recommended the use of artificial colorants and artificial fragrances that were not dietary for the purpose of treating hyperactivity. Of course, he has not mentioned directly that sugar can be a fundamental cause of hyperactivity. However, this concept of food additives can be related to behavioral problems.

In 1995, the American Medical Association launched several in-depth studies, explaining that sugar is not related to the child's hyperactivity, but may have a small impact on some children.

Still, parents have believed that sugar affects children's excess energy. This is based on the fact that hyperactivity has increased after children have consumed sugar, and related research has been conducted. A 1994 study showed that parents were instructed to tell their children that they would consume large amounts of sugar and then evaluate their behavior. And research shows that the vast majority of parents rated their behavior as overactive, but half of them actually did not even eat sugar.

These studies have not provided clear evidence that over-consumption of sugar can lead to hyperactivity in the child. In fact, parents need to limit their children's excessive sugar intake. There are several reasons for this, as the sweet stacks, like cookies, do not provide the nutrients needed for children. Not only are they lacking minerals and vitamins, but they can also cause obesity. The risk of tooth decay can also be increased.

The risk of childhood sugar poisoning

Everyone finds joy and happiness in eating chocolate and candy. However, too much and frequent ingestion can lead to sugar poisoning. Sugar addiction is categorized as a specific type of food addiction. If the child is sensitized to changes in activity levels other than mood changes or hypersensitivity, or if he or she becomes more irritable than usual, parents should be aware that the child's health is on. You must leave.

In addition, excessive sugar intake is also a prime factor in inducing obesity. Being overweight may cause you to suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition can actually cause more pain than a lack of nutrient intake. For example, the lack of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals needed to maintain a healthy and functioning body can result in complications and problems.

The problem of tooth decay is also a serious health condition that can not be overlooked. Also, if you do not get treatment on time, you will experience extreme pain, and in addition, it can cause serious illness. In rare cases, even serious death can lead to death.

Over-consumption of sugar does not only bring about physical health problems like this. In fact, one study has shown that those who ingest too many cookies in the future may be able to live a life related to violence in the future. Research shows that 70 percent of people who commit violent crimes eat candy every day like children. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that parents have given candy for the purpose of controlling when a child is acting badly.

Feeding healthy food to your child

It is the role and duty of all parents to give their children vegetables and fruits instead of sweets. But of course, children do not like it. Here are some ways you can give your children a healthy diet.

• Talking about how good the vegetables are: In order to create a healthy attitude toward food, you should be able to give your child a positive awareness of vegetables and fruits. That is to say, vegetables and fruits are very delicious food.

* Excitement of vegetables: Parents can motivate children to eat a lot of vegetables. It is very exciting and enjoyable to see the vegetable, and as you watch the behaviors of these parents, your child may be interested in vegetables.

Making friends with vegetables: If children learn how to grow vegetables directly in the garden, it can be more effective. It is also a good way to involve a child in preparing meals.

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