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[Parenting] Bachelor is an option

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

TV programs and romantic comedy movies seem to be a curse. There is, of course, statistical evidence that married people can live a longer, healthier life.

Why do people think marriage is a better way to live than single life?

The reason that this idea is prevalent is probably because people think that getting married is a great job and not a celibacy.

If you want to build a traditional family relationship, marriage is very important. But marriage does not mean that marriage is ideal.

There is a statistical result that married people can reduce stress when they face the problem of their life because of their spouse.

But if your marriage is not good, your stress index goes up even more. Stressful marriage is like smoking. It is slowly killing you.

Being single does not mean you can not attend many events. You can take your date or attend alone.

There are very few social events that are restricted to those who are actually married. Therefore, it does not have to be a hermit.

There are many claims that many people around the world choose cohabitation instead of marriage, which makes it difficult to preserve society.

Conservatives need certainty and dislike ambiguity already at the psychological nuclear level. So they are trying to keep the marriage system, and they do not like people who are pursuing a more modern life.

However, there are findings that single people support marriage.

According to a US poll, only 10 percent of single Americans believe that marriage is out of date, and 14 percent said marriage is a life goal.

On the other hand, 74% of those surveyed said they would like to live a successful, happy single life if they were tied up in a relationship that was not happy.

Even if you do not have time to spend time with others, you are still satisfied with your life, and there are many singles who exercise, eat what you want, go out with friends and stay healthy.

So you do not have to devote your life to finding my "half". Whether married, dating or single, it is entirely up to one's own choice.

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