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[Parenting] Penalty for drunk driving death penalty, drunk driving license suspension, license revoked What is the blood alcohol concentration?


Recently, an accident occurred that caused people to die by drunk driving. There is a strong voice that drunk driving punishment standards should be strengthened. Continuing drunk driving accident. Is the current punishment standard enough to prevent drunk driving? The lawyer on the road, the disposal and the punishment standard related to drunk driving are examined.

Drunk driving penalty standard (administrative disposition)

If you drive drunk, you will not only get a criminal offense, but also receive administrative disposition such as suspension of license and revocation of license. Let's see the administrative disposition first. Currently, drinking and driving penalty is 0.05%. If your blood alcohol level is more than 0.1%, you can cancel your license. Drunk driving license suspension standards are 0.05% to 0.1%. Normally, for adults, 2-3 alcoholic beverages will result in a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%. Drink 1 ~ 2 cups and record 0.03%. Earlier this year, a law was enacted to strengthen the drinking and driving punishment standard to 0.03%. Currently, the National Assembly is pending.

Criteria for punishment for drunk driving death (criminal prosecution)

Apart from suspension and cancellation of license, jail or fines are also disposed of. If the blood alcohol level is 0.2% or more, he or she will be punished with imprisonment for 1 year or more and 3 years or a fine of 5 million won to 10 million won. In the case of less than 0.1% to 0.2%, the punishment for imprisonment for 6 months to 1 year or fines of 3 million won to 5 million won shall be imposed. If it is 0.05% or more and less than 0.1%, it will be sentenced to six months imprisonment. The criteria for penalties for drunk driving deaths include violations of the Road Traffic Act and the Special Act on Traffic Accidents. In addition to the violation of the existing Road Traffic Act, the special law is applied, and the penalty can be increased.

Drunk driving triple out and fine reduction

There is a drunk driving tricycle out system. Those who have been arrested for drunk driving three times are eligible. When applied to a three-out system, you will not only get a criminal offense, but you will not get a driver's license for two years. Separately, there are cases where drunk driving fines are reduced. If the fines for family reasons are excessive, you can submit a petition to the Prosecutor's Office. Or they may apply for a fine in the court trial. The penalty standard of criticism is strictly enforced, so do not write a blunt petition.

Bicycle Alcohol Control

Bicycle drunk driving is also controlled in the future. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security has promulgated a bill to amend some of the Road Traffic Act last month. The city of Ulsan says that it will ban bicycle drinking from September. If you take a bicycle while drunk in the future, you may be fined (less than 200,000 won), detained, and fined.

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