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[Health] [constipation solution TIP] eradicate constipation at once! Good food and fruit for constipation? Recommended for baby constipation lactic acid bacteria


Definitive constipation resolution

Because of irregular eating habits and life, modern people have suffered constipation once. Only those who suffer constipation know the pain. Constipation is accompanied by symptoms like gastroenteritis and food poisoning, such as indigestion, abdominal pain and gas. Malignant constipation and irritable bowel syndrome can lead to early management is needed. Introduce the solution of "constipation directs" for the intestinal health of modern people suffering from constipation.

Laxatives when constipation is severe? NO!

Many people who suffer from constipation seek good laxatives. According to experts, constipation is a major cause of eating habits and lack of water. It is difficult to cure constipation unless the fundamental lifestyle changes in seeking a medical clinic or seeking internal medicine. For constipation treatment, reliance on laxatives is forbidden.

Constipation Dishes Food and Fruits

Dietary habits are important to relieve constipation. Good food for constipation is a lot of fiber, minerals and moist foods are good. If you eat foods such as fruits and vegetables frequently, you can see constipation. Vegetable ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, awareness, omija, cola bean, and olive oil help manage constipation. Ripening vinegar and onion juice are also popular with constipation patients. The vinegar and onion contains the acid component of the body to remove toxins.

Good food for baby constipation

Infant constipation often occurs in premature infants with organ organs such as constipation and diarrhea. It is important to manage the chief, an important organ for digesting food and discharging waste, from childhood. If you are a newborn baby who is eating powdered milk, it is better to replace it with liquid milk powder. Vitamin D as a nutrient, good probiotic lactic acid bacteria in the intestines, baby lactic acid bacteria and newborn lactic acid bacteria according to the number of months are steadily ingested, thereby preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and actively promoting bowel movement.

Constipation massage

If the food can not be digested in the intestines and is corroded, harmful gas is generated in the intestines. At this time, if you give a bowel massage, the exercise of bowel movement becomes active. The intestinal massage will draw a circle from the navel to the lower abdomen. Also, around the belly button, it runs under the belly button and draws a small circle. The intestinal massage is effective in removing the gas in conjunction with the half-bath.

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