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There are many ways to cry when a child is crying and crying. They put a toy on, they turn on the TV, and they are lame and stupid.

Some parents solve this situation by eating. Children have a great deal of influence because they are distracted and focused on food instead of crying before eating. But research shows that this is not the best way to appease a child.

The researchers found that 6-month-old children were overweight when their parents used them to eat or calm their children until they were one year old.

Cynthia Stiftter, a professor of human development and psychology, said, "A child who has been provided with food as a soothing means has been touched by the habit of eating for pleasure when compared to a child who gave it only when she was hungry. "He said.

"If you think that these kids want to eat, they realize they can get food by crying or swarming," he added.

In the end, the child-rearing method of calming a child to eat can lead to an increase in the child's body weight and body mass index. There are also studies of parents' eating education methods that affect child behavior.

The researchers asked 160 mothers to record what they were doing to comfort the child every 3 days for the child to cry. We also referred to the child's temperament through observation by parents and researchers. The child's anger, fear, sadness, and other activities were recorded, and the child's reactions to objects or people were analyzed.

A year later, the researchers found that parents were more weight-conscious than children who did not care for food.

"The child's temperament has some influence on how parents are raised," Stifter said. "The more difficult the child is, the more likely parents are dependent on food. This eventually leads to the risk of overweight. "

How to soothe a child?

Parents are encouraged to participate in an educational program that understands the child's temperament. Through education, you should know how to signal when a child is hungry and learn how to give food at the right time.

Let's take a look at some ways you can help your child feel better without using food.

There is an action that makes children feel better. When you swing back and forth as you carry a child with a swing, it helps to calm the children as they focus on the rhythm.

Or you can use a vibrating object to attract a child's attention. It is also possible to seat the child next to or above the dishwasher or dryer. But at this time, you should pay attention to your safety.

Using a stroller to go for a walk also helps to calm or calm the child. In addition, how to wrap crying child in blanket is effective, too. Because the mother's womb was a warm and comfortable place, children want a similar environment. Children wrapped in blankets can quickly fall asleep.

It is good to keep a little noise around. Noise from a fan or vacuum cleaner has the effect of soothing the child.

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