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Recently in the United States, firearm accidents have occurred one after another, and the importance of child rearing attitude has been raised as well as laws prohibiting the use of firearms. You must discipline your child to prevent bad behavior and grow up properly. What is the right parenting attitude?

Research has shown that criminal activities such as violence are associated with parents who have a dictatorial attitude. In another study, it has been shown that such parenting causes children to lose self-control and causes drug addiction and rebellion, including drinking.

Psychologists point out that dictatorial care can lead to juvenile delinquency, violence, antisocial behavior as well as mental illness.

In 2012, gunfire occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the United States. According to the study, a child born under a parent who has a well-balanced tolerance and border but is not punished does have a flexible feeling and control of behavior. In addition, there were few violent behaviors of students in schools that were taught with authoritarian approaches rather than dictatorships.

So what is the parenting method that helps children develop the right personality? The types of parents' parenting attitudes are classified into four categories: dictatorship, authority, tolerance, and neglect.

Dictatorial Custodialism Dictatorial custodialism is a form of parenting that sets very strict rules and makes clear the boundaries between parents and children. Parents order and order their children without sufficient explanation. Also familiar with control and pressure. A child raised under these parents has a submissive and passive personality and low euphoria and self-esteem.

◆ Authoritative parenting

According to authoritative parenting, parents establish rules and guidelines. It is the attitude of rearing that explains and convinces the children sufficiently and combines authority and tolerance. Parents in an authoritarian manner want their children to understand the consequences of certain behaviors. Children know how to solve their problems on their own, negotiate with their parents or others, or express themselves well.

◆ Permissive Parenting Method Permissive parenting is a contradiction to dictatorship and authoritarian parenting

Rather than setting up discipline, it gives children what they want, much more involved with their children. Problems arise when the boundary between parent and child is disturbed in such a parenting style. For a child who grows up in a generous environment, the parent sequence is recognized as a position similar to itself rather than a superstructure. This can lead to lack of self-regulation and can cause problems when interacting with others.

◆ Emotional Rearing

Indulgent parenting is a completely separate form of daily life between parents and children. Parents fulfill a child 's very basic needs, but are inadequate to perform role models necessary as the child grows. At this time, the child has a low self-regulation and self-esteem.

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