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[Parenting] Early childbirth and middle-term baby food precautions and TIP for our children


Baby foods are foods that infants and toddlers eat to get milk powder and milk and get used to the general formula. Because the digestive system is not yet developed properly and the digestive function is not perfect, the mothers will have a lot of trouble in the selection of the initial baby food and the starting time of the foodstuffs and baby foods used. Usually, we start the initial weaning from 6 months old. In the initial weaning unit, juice, soup, etc. are provided so that we can adapt to the initial weaning. After that, we give mid-term baby food, late baby food, etc. Generally, it provides the initial baby meal beef, early baby meal, zucchini mushroom, and rice mince. In mid-term food, it supplies minced meat, ripe egg, and diluted porridge. In the latter period, it provides a high-grade type such as minced meat. Feeding formula should be given before breastfeeding or milking, and the baby should be given time at a fixed time. After 12 months of age, it is a transitional period that can be passed to the general formula with the completion of the baby food. It is also recommended to provide the baby food in a later time.

When refusing middle-sized baby food

There may be children who refuse early or middle-range baby foods. The reason for rejecting mid-term baby food is to refrain from eating unfamiliar unfamiliar foods or when not hungry. When refusing the initial baby food or mid-term baby food, do not stress it And make it possible for the children to have an opportunity to see the food and have an interest in the initial baby food. Make sure that your family meets the time you eat and the time you eat your child's early weaning so that your family can enjoy a delicious meal. Also, be careful not to eat or eat the initial baby food even after children are sick. It is also good to mix food ingredients that your child likes when refusing middle-class baby food.

Cautions for early childbirth

It is best not to be angry and not to force children not to eat properly, and stimulating and consuming foods should not cause the children to be uncomfortable and adapt to the salty taste, so be careful. If you do not have time to make the initial baby food, you can use a commercial baby food so you can taste various baby food.

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