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[Parenting] Elderly Drivers Emerge as a social problem centered on developed countries

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There is a growing public opinion that it is necessary to secure the safety of elderly drivers by refraining from renewing licenses of elderly drivers or returning their licenses to the center of developed countries where aging rapidly takes place.

Recently, an aged driver in the United States accidentally collided with a police car accidentally.

Dolores Munson, who lives in the United States, is 85 years old. Munson tried to overtake the police car that stopped because of the traffic jam.

Munson 's daughter, Smelaski, received a call from her mother' s traffic accident. This incident was rather a good opportunity to stop her mother from driving.

Smerazy has already failed to take his car key from a mother who has been free in the past through driving.

Smerazy was in trouble after Munson failed to renew his driver's license. The insurance company helped Smelaski and said that the situation was understandable, and the car repair center offered a similar opinion.

Smelaski received a statement from her mother's doctor telling her to refrain from driving and attached it to her mother's refrigerator.

But Munson kept driving and eventually got into an accident.

Munson said to Sumeraski after a traffic accident, "If you become my age, you will wonder why you are still alive. You can not move and go nowhere. I just need a change of scenery. "

Is there a way to prevent driving from elderly parents who did not pass driver's aptitude test?

Staying at home can cause depression and exacerbate your health problems. Adult children may not want their parents to have depression, but they should be concerned about accidents that may occur when driving.

The US Senate and members of the House of Representatives said it was difficult to enact an anti-discrimination law for the elderly. Police do not have the authority to stop seniors from driving cars. therefore

Families with older parents are forced to persuade as much as possible to prevent their parents from driving

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