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[Parenting] Parenting advice for prospective parents

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Prospective parents may have read many books and articles about childrearing in preparation for their babies, and may have had special lessons for babies.

Here are some things that can be helpful to these parents.

You do not know what you are going to do, or you do not mind if you are doing what you are doing. It is natural that you do not know if you are the first parent.

I read books and magazines about child care, and I heard a lecture, but I do not know what to do in real situations. All my parents had gone through that stage and felt difficulty. It is extremely normal.

It is good to tell people around and what they do not. A baby is not his own, but his relatives can be considered their baby.

They want to see the baby, pick up the items and try to help. You may accept such favors, but it is okay to refuse visits or help. Though people may think that they can visit at any time, as a new parent it can be a challenge.

It can be difficult at first to fill the baby with diaper, to put it on, to soothe, to feed and to bathe. But later on it will become a pro in these things. Perhaps later you can grind the diaper with one hand and put it on faster.

You should not compare yourself to other parents. Every parent has different ideas about child care.

Your mother, your mother-in-law, even your friends or neighbors will give you advice that will help your baby.

It is good to choose whether to listen to, follow or ignore the advice. Parents are best known to their parents, and no one knows better about them than you do.

Especially when it is confusing, angry or sad, it is good to have some time alone. You should not be angry with your baby.

This child care process is a memory after all. Therefore, you have to suffer difficulties.

Your lovely baby will eventually grow up and miss you how small they needed you.

Parenting is a challenge and can be very difficult. It is something you have to overcome, but it is worth it.

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